Free! Episode 10


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3 Responses

  1. jsyschan says:

    While I did like this episode, it kind of feels that Rei should’ve asked these questions a bit earlier, but I suppose after getting involved so much, now is also a good time to ask about Rin. Seeing Amakata as a swimsuit model wasn’t really too surprising, but I kind of wish a whole episode was dedicated about her and her secret past, though that’ll never happen. Having it out so suddenly was cool, but it felt too short. Though her snapping the watermelon rind in a dark manner was pretty awesome. Bring on the fanfics!

    Oh yeah, Rei going into the lion’s den..good for him! I’m half expecting him to get assaulted by Rin for questioning the past and the guys coming in to save him at the last minute.

    • Eva says:

      Maybe there will be an OVA for Amakata’s days as a swimsuit model ohohohohohohohohoho!!!! With her personality, I’m sure it would be funny as hell. Maybe even featured in FrFr! :3

      LMFAO, if it ends up as a brawl, that would be EPIC. but i doubt that would happen ahahaha we can dream right?

  2. Ceci-Chan says:

    HARURIN <3

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