Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Episode 10: Kaleidoscope [Final]


I love cute things.

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  1. Wanderer says:

    “Also, about my suspicions of Miyu that I touched upon last week – now’s a good time as ever to talk about it. Remember how I said that Miyu shouldn’t be able to pseudo-summon Saber, because it’s Ilya who acts as the Grail vessel? What if…Miyu also happens to be the Grail vessel? As in, there are two. Except maybe Miyu originally came from, let’s say…an alternate universe? That’d explain how she suddenly appeared to Luvia out of nowhere one day. And remember, “great father” Zelretch is in this show. Yeah, that guy with the Second Magic, Kaleidoscope. You know, the true magic that lets you mess around with…parallel worlds and stuff.”

    It is really tempting to tell you whether you’re right or very very close or way off or whatever, but with the announcement of a second season I should probably not spoil that information, because 2wei and 3rei delve much deeper into Miyu’s story.

    “What I’m most interested in right now is how it aims to undo its finite plot…how do we proceed now that all the Class Cards have been collected?”

    HAVE they? The mages only identified magical traces of seven cards, but then there were only supposed to be seven Servants in the fifth grail war in regular Fate/Stay Night, and we all know how accurate that turned out to be. Besides, there is still the mystery of what the cards ARE, where they came from, how they got there, all of Miyu’s story (and that’s more complex than it seems, trust me) and some other plot threads that nobody could see coming.

  2. Lorhand says:

    Speaking of 2wei, it’s great to see that everything’s been pre-emptively planned, with a second season already green-lit.

    You know, that confuses me. 2wei will be animated, so why was so much foreshadowing taken out and why did they partially change Miyu’s and Ilya’s character? That just strikes me as odd. But well… Silver Link did this consciously, but I bet in that extended fight against Berserker they forgot that Miyu could not be able to use Gae Bolg again (never mind that God Hand blocks every Rank B attack, unless you magically enhance the weapon), but whatever, mistakes happen all the time…

    Also, is that Bazett? The container and her hair pretty much gave her away.

    Yes, it’s Bazett. :)

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