Diabolik Lovers: [Episode 3]

Diablo 3So there were more sexuals in this episode. Ayato has gone to leaving property stamps on Yui (hickeys, for a more literal term). There was more blood suckling and a vampire I thought would nevah find Yui to be blood-attractive took his first taste in this episode.

Diablo 5Shu took his first bite, so I retract all my blubbering of calling him different and enlightened. If I was to sum up this episode in five sentences:

  • They had a family dinner an someone who was suppose to show, did not come.
  • Yui went to take a bath but before she did, Ayato came to leave his property stamps.
  • Shu appeared in the bathtub at the same time Yui came in to have a bathe
  • Shu had a bad recollection of his past and pulled Yui into the bathe; then bit her.
  • Shu and Ayato played darts to declare who would own Yui.

That was the episode. This would have been a seven minute episode if all that scene padding hadn’t been done. There was a glance of the diary, and Yui’s baby photo, which I guess is the reminder of the subplot of D.B. I’m not sure what route this anime is about to take though because nothing happened – besides the sexuals – in this episode.

Diablo 1It’s clear Shu’s childhood isn’t one that he holds fond memories of. There was a fire. Someone had an outstretched hand; who I think is the Edgar Shu called out to, who probably died in that fire. Vampires always have terrible pasts – in every work of fiction I’ve read/watched, vampires never had close to “okay” pasts. In each episode, it’s probably safe to assume that we’ll get a glimpse of each vampire’s past – as vague as it seems to be, more than for the basic fact that it’s sad.

That’s it. BUT! Because I cannot leave this entry so dreadfully short, I’ll attempt a 100 word fan-fiction padding to give this some length.

Diablo 4Shu grabbed a fistful of Yui’s hair, drawing her closer to him. He glanced over her face, and tightened his grip against her nape, tilting her head up so that her pale flesh was exposed to him. He could feel the slight tremors of fear that coursed through her; how her heart beat violently against her chest. Her neck was pale, the veins throbbed faintly beneath the skin; each pulse inviting him – drawig him closer with a magnetic pull he fought by sheer force of will. Only for a moment.

He leaned in closer and looked up at Yui’s face. She hadn’t pulled away but still knelt there, between his legs, waiting. Allowing him to take what he wanted. A primal urge overcame him and his gums itched as his fangs stretched over the vulnerable flesh of her neck; and without much thought or hesitation, he sank his fangs into her neck.

Yui gasped and grit her teeth, in an effort to keep her whimpers of pain silent. She pressed her hand to his shirt, thinking to push him away but her fingers dug into the cloth of his shirt, and curled into her palm. He had her pressed against him as he fed from her. His tongue rubbed over the flesh that became sensitive and she shuddered against him.

Just as he thought, the first taste of her blood seared his body – was so potent that he issued an involuntary groan of satisfaction. He could taste the heat of her body, knew the sensations that ran through her body; how the fear slowly ebbed from her, replaced by something close to excitement.

“You like this, don’t you? You’re getting excited. Should I do more to you?” he murmured against her neck after ejecting his fangs from her flesh. Yui gasped when she felt his cold fingers brush the skin beneath her blouse.

“N-no…” she stammered and dropped her hand away from him.

Shu looked at her and felt a distinct want for something more than just her blood. He glanced at her lips then back into her wide, fearful eyes. He closed his eyes and braced his hand against the edge of the tub, pushing himself to a stand. That was enough. He wasn’t like Ayato. And he wasn’t going to get into a fight over a mortal.

Yui looked after him as he left and gingerly touched the puncture wounds at her neck. What was she going to do?


Well that went on longer than I expected it and as it can be seen, I’m terrible at endings. Hopefully I’ll have something more to say about the next episode.


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