Diabolik Lovers: Episode 1 [First Impressions]


I'm an anime/manga junkie, yaoi lover and hopeless romantic. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best. That is all.

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5 Responses

  1. Night says:

    I loved how they pulled off the atmosphere and the ost. Their voice was hot XD Yes, who is Yui~ one of biggest mystery of the series. For the guys, It’s kind of refreshing from the usual sweet/kind otome protagonist. I like how Yui is more reactive than normal otome heroine.

    • charlmeister says:

      I wasn’t expecting her to be as expressive as she was in this episode, it surprised me and that’s what made me really like her so it’s comforting that I won’t get bored with her character – or the vampires ^-^
      Maybe more paranormal themes should be used for these otome adaptations xD

  2. Ceci-Chan says:

    I cant believe people complained! This episode was amazing! I was on the edge of my seat. Its filling my BC void.
    Why only 15 mins? STILL WATCHING THOUGH!

    • charlmeister says:

      Well I’m guessing with the presence of possible BDSM themes, it wouldn’t suit some tastes. And some people just don’t like Otome anime adaptations.
      Heh, and Subaru in BroCon has some anger issues too so they’re similar xD

  3. shiemi says:

    Lol the artists for Diabolik and Amnesia are different, so how could their char. designs be the same? Diabolik is by Satoi and Amnesia is by Hanamura Mai. Well, but that’s referring to the original beautiful drawings of the games. But still, even the main character designers for the animes are different. Anw I’m glad the Diabolik anime char. designs didn’t ruin the original that much, because Amnesia anime char. designs were really horrible.

    And omg I can’t believe you people are comparing BroCon with Diabolik! Brocon is Otomate (pure dreamy airhead heroine, happy sweet school life story), and this is Rejet (Do-S chars who won’t hesitate to insult and tear the heroine apart, and they almost always have a hidden (Do-S/yandere) side to their personality). Well, technically Diabolik is a RejetxOtomate collaboration, but really, it’s more Rejet than Otomate.

    Anyway, my darling Yuuki does a superb job as Kanato in Diabolik ^^ I think this is really the series that shows just how good an actor he’s become, because he scared the shit out of me (and almost everyone from the comments I read about Kanato) in all of the Diabolik drama CDs. Reiji and Laito are not that scary though, even though I love the seiyuus, but really, they just can’t bring out the scary vibe that the rest of the cast brings. Subaru is…cute sometimes, and Shuu may seem nonchalant at first, but they’re all Do-S. Just make no mistake about this as you go into the show. If you bear a glimpse of hope that Shuu or Reiji may help you or anything, you’re very wrong. They’re just as eager to tear you apart, make you scream and cry, and suck your blood. (≧▽≦)

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