CHALLENGER APPROACHING! (aka an intro post)


Buy me things and I’ll do anything you ask of me.

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3 Responses

  1. Cena says:

    Code Geass, Shinsekai Yori amd Psycho Pass Those are epic. I wonder if you’ll be doing Pupa since thats a psychological

    • Dan says:

      I’m definitely planning to give Pupa a go! I’ve seen a bit of the manga and it looks to be right up my alley. At the very least, I’ll be doing a first impression.

      • Cena says:

        Woohay :D
        (Ive recently read some of the manga, and wooow I was addicted to it o-o Im waiting for the anime soo much >.<) Cant wait for a first impression + more
        (Also, I see that Akito picture :3)

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