Oreimo 2 Episode 16: Last Boss – Manami




It’s only fitting that the series ends with Kyousuke’s graduation – and if it’s only for a short while, it was nice to see the rest of the Gaming Club together again for one last time. Although Kuroneko was sorely missed. Sena (of all people) managed to end up in a normal relationship, and by that I mean a non-incestuous one. Keep fighting, Makabe…I think Akagi’s out for your blood.

Of course, the real tension in the episode was the confrontation with Manami. It’s definitely been a very sore spot for Kirino, but she got what was coming to her. I’m not much of a Kirino fan, but…that’s gotta hurt.





I’d always thought there was more to her than the quiet exterior she’s always displayed, but damn, Manami really scares me. What a bitchfight…it’s the last thing I thought we’d see in Oreimo’s finale. I was actually really uncomfortable watching parts of that. And I can’t say I really like Manami much after that confrontation – both girls were bang out of order, but I felt that she was far too possessive of Kyousuke when she never really had that right to begin with. Why would anyone want Kyousuke that badly anyway?





As scary as she is, she’s talking sense. It’s true that they can’t get married – in the future, when they get older it’s just not practical any longer. Not everyone’s as understanding as Kuroneko or Saori – Kirino won’t make any friends by announcing she’s going out with her onii-chan, and society will pretty much ostracize them once it gets out. Not to mention their dad will absolutely flip shit. He’s a police officer, and his kids are in an incestuous relationship together…the irony :D In the long run, can loving Kirino justify the possibility of losing everything else?

For what it’s worth, I do applaud the show for addressing these issues realistically. I’m glad they’re aware it’s not a “happily ever after” scenario, though Manami really didn’t need to voice her…concerns in such a violent manner.



After everything that’s happened in this show, that kiss really was anticlimactic. What I’m slightly butthurt about is the ending – their decision to become incest lovers until graduation, then return to being normal siblings. That doesn’t sit well with me. They’ve spent the entire season angsting over their forbidden love, and they decide to just call it off? They seemed determined to tackle all the trials in life, and now they’re backing out. Was there really a need to endure all that pain from Manami then call it quits? I’m not in support of it, but their love seemed pretty genuine to me – everything’s been made artificial by how easily Kirino just slipped out of her lover’s role. I doubt they can just stop loving each other after going that far. Almost reminds me of those cliché endings where they wake up, and realize it was all a dream =_= Dammit Kyousuke, at least finish what you start.

Wait, so he rejected Ayase for a temporary relationship?

And everyone else as well?

Ahh, you just had to be a faggot to the very end, didn’t you.


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. Mekem says:

    Alas, Manami, t’was not meant to be. The curse of the childhood friend strikes once more. Farewell my love, and may you find happier times with someone who is not such a pathetic siscon.

    • Vantage says:

      I don’t remember the last show I’ve watched where the childhood friend wins. Except Amagami SS, and even then it took a second season for Rihoko’s arc to get anywhere.

      While I can’t say I like Manami much after that episode, even she deserves better than Kyousuke.

  2. Jimmy Hendrix says:

    I’ve heard that through many interviews, Tsukasa Fushimi did in fact desire an incest ending with Kirino and Kyosuke, but his editor did not allow it since Oreimo is such a popular show and they cannot promote incest. So what the LN and anime did was as far as Fushimi could go, but he did in fact want an incest love ending, so in a sense, the ending we all saw was a lie

    • Vantage says:

      Even Japan has a limit, huh…

      It’s nice to know Fushimi himself wanted one :D I suppose I can’t blame him entirely for what happened then. Though many of Kyousuke’s actions throughout the series were already very much incest-promoting. What really irked me at the end wasn’t so much the incest route itself, but the last-minute chickening out. Fushimi should have gone all out, Yosuga no Sora style! He could leave his name etched forever within the industry. I bet they would have gotten massive spikes in BD sales if they did an Episode 11 like YnS.

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