Oreimo 2 Episode 15: Life Advice

“Thank you, for falling in love with me.”



Even while dating Kyousuke, it looks like Kirino hasn’t changed…there’s slightly more dere, but the tsun’s still around. I don’t think I’ll easily come to terms with the fact that the incest is now very real (especially mere moments after Episode 14) but at the very least, I’m glad they’re not being idealistic about things. Even though Kirino said yes to Kyousuke’s proposal, it’s good that she’s aware they can’t really get married, and that they’re blood-related. I admit the engagement ring scene was nice though – these moments of genuine emotion make Kirino all the more tolerable! I suppose their plans for the future will get revealed in the next (and final) episode.

I said this last episode, but their friends really are an understanding bunch. Especially Kuroneko, who is still on speaking terms with Kyousuke. Indeed, they really are suspicious siblings engaged in the creepiest sort of relationship. Kanako’s entire scene felt arbitrary – it was thrown in for no apparent reason other than to make one more girl join Kyousuke’s eternal harem. I’m surprised the massive group of otaku didn’t start mobbing Kyousuke after she confessed =_= I did enjoy listening to Tamura Yukari sing, though :D I’ve always loved the running gag about Meruru and Nanoha.


The various messages to “future Kirino” that young Kirino sent were fairly insightful. It’s a side of her we never really see, but it expands upon the final TV episode, which showed a Kirino who initially admired her onii-chan and wanted his approval and love (getting shot down by Manami’s evil plan in the process). I suppose a plus to their current incestuous relationship is that both siblings can now be more honest with each other, instead of relying on the verbal abuse Taketatsu Ayana has gotten rather used to delivering. The downside is that he’s started groping Kirino in her sleep.

By the way, do their parents know about this?


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. u can call me whatever you want says:

    do u know what the tittle of the song kanako sing in her concert?
    i’m also enjoying that song.. :3

    • Vantage says:

      I’ve got absolutely no idea :D I only recognize Tamura Yukari singing it…it’s probably a completely new track. Oreimo has the budget to produce loads of different songs. Other than a different ED each episode, there was also that new Meruru OP from Episode 10. It’ll be in the OST somewhere (when it’s released) either as a Meruru or Kanako character song.

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