Oreimo 2 Episode 14: why

“I love my little sister! I’m a pervert who fell in love with his little sister!”




Guys…what just happened. Where do I start? How am I supposed to start?

Okay let’s start with Kuroneko, because that way I can rage at Kyousuke then move on. In the wake of Kyousuke’s rejection of Ayase, there’s this whole scene with Kuroneko that tore at my heartstrings. It was bad enough the first time – including flashbacks of Kyousuke getting fed and happier, incest-free times really didn’t help at all. Kuroneko took everything terribly hard, and this time she didn’t hide behind a facade and cried it all out. She genuinely loved Kyousuke, and while I think she knew it all along (everyone does) it must have been a real blow to learn you lost your boyfriend to his little sister. Hanazawa Kana’s pain was my pain ;_; The worst bit was watching her rip up her fantasy diary right in front of Kyousuke, who just stared and looked really pitiful. Fucking hell, Kyousuke. You absolute dick.

You broke poor Kuroneko’s heart.

To go shopping with Kirino at Christmas instead.

Kuroneko, this siscon doesn’t deserve you.

Even Hinata-chan had an idea of what was happening. If these are the consequences of incest…then no, incest is most definitely not wincest. Also, a side effect in real life is complete alienation due to deviating from social norms, but hey, Kyousuke doesn’t care. He’d better be proud to have such a good group of friends – who are willing to come to his aid and help him chase after his little sister. And the saddest thing is…instead of sitting in a hotel eating cake with Kirino and a game character, he could have been on a date with either Kuroneko or Ayase.

He even admitted that he turned both of them down to confess to his little sister. And here he is, shouting out his undying love for his imouto in the middle of a busy street at night.


Yes, this. THIS.





Wait, what?



This show is…incredibly frustrating, yet perplexing at the same time. Even if it’s content I don’t agree with, it still manages to play with my emotions – even if it’s just rage at the ultimate faggotry that is Kyousuke. At the end of the day, I should really expect no less from a show titled Oreimo.


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    What the hell?! I don’t even… IT WENT FORM “EW CREEPY” TO “YES”?!

  2. Vantage says:

    He did do a bit of rambling in between, but essentially, yes. Tsundere at its finest.

    • latinalover says:

      sisicon always win the day.

      • Vantage says:

        It’s not surprising given the show’s title. I’d have liked Ayase (or even Kuroneko) to come out victorious though.

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