Naruto Shippuden Episode 325: Jinchuriki vs Jinchuriki

“Even if you’re Jinchuriki, six against two appears to be bad odds, huh?”



Pict870We’ve got the backstory of another Jinchuuriki today – this time it’s Roshi, who formerly had the Yonbi sealed up in him. While it was much shorter than our jaunt with Utakata, we got the main details. Itachi didn’t even need to do anything, and Kisame managed to handle an experienced Jinchuuriki (with a kekkei genkai) all on his own, albeit with several problems. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded seeing the entire fight, especially since Kisame ended up killing himself. But more canon material is fine too :D Like Utakata, Roshi had a tail, and thus he had control over his Bijuu (to an extent). It seems that, on the whole, this generation of Jinchuriki aren’t too hostile with their beasts – we’ve only seen Naruto and Gaara with major issues. Anyway, the entire reason for Roshi getting a flashback is probably due to next week’s episode, which focuses on the fully transformed Yonbi, the “King of the Sage Monkeys”.

Pict881Speaking of full transformations, it doesn’t look good for Naruto and Bee. It was bad enough when these Six Paths of Pain were in human form – with a Rinnegan each, they have the eyes of six people and can position themselves as needed. With a Sharingan, they get to cheat and track movements. The fact that there’s six of them in the first place makes things pretty tough for the Hachibi and Kyuubi. While it’s true Bee’s transformation got rid of their disadvantage in the forest, it also means that the resurrected Jinchuuriki can now transform freely as well, without any trees getting in the way. It’s just…a massive crater left. Also, with full tailed beast mode, what does this mean for some of their chakra rods? (I love how Bee first caught sight of Yugito’s rod by the way XD) Just one horn…stab thing did a lot of damage to the Hachibi. I seem to recall that the Bijuu’s power grows exponentially according to their number of tails. It was something about how the Kyuubi technically has more power than all the other 8 put together – which is not useful right now due to Naruto’s restrictions on it.

While I doubt how much help Kakashi and Gai will bring (especially while injured) it sure helped Naruto’s morale at the very least. They sure got to the battlefield rather quickly :D

Finally, just a heads up – after next week’s episode (no. 326) there’ll be a special broadcast the week after, on August 29th. As far as I know, it’s a double episode, and not a filler. It’s likely to have some important canon content, so I’ll probably be splitting my impression into two seperate posts. Look forward to it!


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