Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation Episode 5


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2 Responses

  1. hee7 says:

    I agree, this court case was ridiculously rushed. I wish it had been given two episodes to let the evidence breathe, but eh. Also, how did you figure the case out so easily?? For me, it was one red herring after another until the final reveal.

    Gonna miss the bros.

    “How did Oowada know about Genocider Syo’s killing method?” He didn’t. Only stuff Oowada did was kill Fujisaki in a fit of insecure jealous rage, instantly regret it, move the evidence from the boys’ changing room to the girls’, and both leave Fujisaki’s body and destroy his ID in order to keep his promise to hide his gender.

    Togami came across Fujisaki’s corpse after Oowada left, decided to spice it up a little (because reasons), and left the scene while upupu-ing into the night.

    …All right. So he had actual reasons, though it’s stupidly risky to frame another student when a wrong conviction could get you killed. Anyway, those reasons are to complicate the murder, allowing those who are great at detective work to shine (and therefore his greatest enemy) and unveil that Genocider Syo was in the school, alive and dangerous.

    “Why were some of the secrets darker than others?” Naegi is legit boring, so his darkest secret is being a bedwetter. And some people have more to hide than others, therefore their secrets may be darker.

  2. Jester says:


    Yeah I think it’s kind of stupid of Togami to go out of his way to make it look like a Genocider Syo murder. The reasoning of testing everyone doesn’t even make sense. There was no healthy outcome to the case. Even if he knew who the killer was it goes through majority vote so if everyone else believed it was Genocider Syo he would still have been killed along with them.


    I don’t think that they did a bad job rushing the court case because I honestly would have been bored if they split this up into two episodes. I think one episode of pure evidence speculation consisting of only dialogue would kind of have killed the pacing. I just wish that the court case itself made more sense. As you said Oowada killing someone on a fit of rage isn’t realistic at all. Especially when you actually hear his story of how his brother died saving his life. I guess they were trying to play off his ‘hot headed personality’. I’m starting to like this series less and less each episode.

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