Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation: [Episode 4]

Someone explain the towel on his head o.O

Someone explain the rag on his head hair o.O

Yay for humor that’s without the dark essence that is Danganronpa’s atmosphere!! This was my favorite part of the episode and for a second I actually thought there would be no murders this week. In my mind, I thought it would just be about our characters moving on and getting comfortable on the new ground or “zone” that they’ve leveled to since the Class Trial went well.

Danganronpa is keeping to its set pace, there is no time for breathers now – excepting the investigation intervals. This episode was packed with a lot of content too. Some of the main cast got some character development that gave a look into their personalities. And these two win best characters for this week’s episode.

You have to love the bromance

You have to love the bromance

I love them for the laughter they gave me and their friendship is just golden – hatred is the foundation of all great friendships. Without hate, there can be no love.


Monobear became bored because there had been no black since Maizono’s death and brought up a new motive. A shitty one if you ask me. The motive of killing someone so that nasty skeletons can remain forever in the closet. As far as I see it – working from Naegi’s “dirty secret” – there is nothing that should really push anyone to want to kill someone just to have it stay secret.

Naegi wet his bed until the fifth grade. That’s a DARK secret?! But alas, my understanding of a dark secret is more on the perverted side, along with actually murdering someone. I think it would have been good to hear some of the other characters’ secrets but that wasn’t highlighted although Naegi’s was. Is it because his is the tamest?? That’s the picture I’m getting. What kind of filth have the other students done – and are doing??

And I don’t see Fujisaki having a dark secret – she just seems too precious to want to hide something. Or maybe her secret is that she’s actually a boy. \OoO/!! And probably Sekai’s secret is that she’s been overdosing on steroids.

Danganronpa 2This chick – Touko – really surprised me. At first, I wasn’t too accepting of her character because of how exaggerated she seemed but her level of weird is working some hoodoo magic on me. She brought a light feeling to this episode as well and she’s actually cool – when she’s not having a mental breakdown. She’s in love with Togami but I think there is more to their relationship than just her crushing on him. But I’ll get more into that later.

I wonder why she has that poster in her changing room??

I wonder why she has that poster in her changing room…but I won’t judge!!

Fujisaki Chihiro was the unfortunate victim in this episode. I wasn’t surprised that she died – being that she’s actually one of the most vulnerable persons in the group and doesn’t believe in killing – but I was surprised that she was the second target. She’s known for being a top notch programmer and for some reason, I have this feeling that might be why she was murdered – but I’m not sure. The pink blood, I’ve finally found an appreciation for its artistic quality but at the same time, the want for some uncensored blood is still making me frown whenever I see it.

She was “crucified” and got a hit to the cranium with a dumbbell. That is a terrible way to die but the pink around her face made her seem a little peaceful – never mind the gaping eyes. A lot of clues were also given since most of the characters rallied together in trying to investigate this case.

Togami, who started reading murder mystery fictions and non-fiction data of the same genre, brought up the Genocide Shou – classified information on persons who are killed in the style of being crucified and pinned with a pair of scissors; cute young men are the usual victims of the serial killer; who is also believed to have dissociative personality disorder. The message: “Bloody Fever” is also always at the scene of these type crimes.

Danganronpa 5I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but it could be assumed that Touko might be – or knows – the murderer. She’s got a personality disorder and knows about Genocide Shou but it might be naïve to assume that just because. If it is that she is the murderer – or an accomplice – Togami knows something. Their little conversation that hinted at Touko knowing something about Genocide Shou and Togami’s reaction to it – narrowed eyes then a smirk – makes me think these two have some sort of connection. No…connection, isn’t the word I’m looking for but I hope you follow my drift.

And that was the episode! Next episode will be the class trial. From the clues, it points a bit to Touko being the possible murderer and that would be no fun since it would have been made blatant from this episode. Still, I don’t believe she’s the one who killed Fujisaki and I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because she’s so squeamish when it comes to blood.

This episode was really good. I enjoyed it and I hope there’ll be more comedy next week to ease some of the tension.

Danganronpa 3And Danganronpa…I WANT NO MORE OF THIS!! AWAY WITH IT!!

(P.S): Apologies for this late-ass post. I had some issues with the site but I don’t think that’ll be a problem anymore.


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