I'm an anime/manga junkie, yaoi lover and hopeless romantic. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best. That is all.

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3 Responses

  1. ASDFGHJKL says:

    Or the triplets, since they focus on them more later on ;3 you’d be surprised how quickly subarus screentime lessens later on. I hope she ends up with Tsubaki though.
    “Can I make reservations?” <— that part killed me xD

    • charlmeister says:

      Oh, you played the game? Tsubaki? He’s cute but I’d have to see more of him with her before I jot him down on the “Possibilities” list xD Awww :( well it’s not surprising that Subaru won’t have much screen time later on, considering his entire route of pursuing professional basketball.

      • ASDFGHJKL says:

        no i didnt play the game, i read the route review. I know because I read a summery on the novels >3< I think right now in the novel the closet ema is close to is the triplets, minding they do seem like the main guys. Tsubaki is also the only otaku of the family ;3
        Hmm, the next few episodes (it was episode 4 that was titled jealousy I think and affections afterwards.)
        I have a feeling the anime wont compare to the novel. The novel is really good, and im not the only one who thinks that :3

        the next few episodes (maybe 4 and 5 mainly) will be about the triplets i think. Im not certain.

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