Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 11: Thus, The Curtain Of Each Stage Rises, The Festival Reaches Its Climax.

“Epic fail.”

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Synopsis: The festival is finally here and Hachiman’s cynicism is running wild in the festival committee meetings. Yukino is ill, Yui likes honey toast and Tosuka is being (annoyingly) adorable… as usual..


 Episode 11 certainly was an interesting episode. The thing I like about this show is that it’s not trying to change Hachiman, it isn’t one of those ‘coming of age’ shows that everyone loves so much. Hachiman is Hachiman and I don’t see him changing any time soon. Yukino on the other hand… speaking of hands, did you guys see Yukino’s cute little wave in the middle of the episode? Yeah. That shit melts my heart.

 So, as I was saying, Hachiman. In this episode Hachiman’s role is, as usual, to commit social suicide by informing everyone of the laziness of some of the committee members. You know, I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for the poor guy. He’s the only one willing to say what everyone else is either thinking or is too ignorant to think about. Yukino on the other hand recognizes everything Hachiman is thinking/saying but is apathetic to the whole situation and says nothing… she only laughs in a cute manner… she’s kinda cute in this episode, y’know? Which begs the question… just what happened to her in the time that she was gone? I hope they address that because, to be honest, I’m actually quite interested… for once.

 And speaking of Yukino… I presume the whole ‘Yukino’s limo hit Hachiman’ plot line is going to be resolved in this season? I say this season because there are in fact more novels and therefore more content and so (I presume) if the DVD’s/Blu-ray’s sell enough there will be another season? But that’s not important, the car incident. The tension it’s caused is what interests me the most. Just why did Yukino allow the car to drive off? Surely she knew who Hachiman was when he joined the club? Just how is this all gonna go down? If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t date a girl who left me injured in the road after her car rammed into me, why would I say that, you ask? Because this is a romantic comedy and, by the laws of rom coms/harems, the first girl to appear is the one the main character ends up with… and that would be Yukino. Yukino and Hachiman’s relationship is strained at the moment and I’m looking forward to the dramatic confrontation that will end the tension once and for all…

 Oh! And… did BL lover girl just drown in her own nose blood? I don’t know about you but… I don’t tend to have Mount freaking Vesuvius erupt on my face when I get aroused… Just saying… That said, the Romeo and Julian (or is it Julio? Judas? Jellal? Jamal?) play is hilarious, so much drama and passion! Gotta love it… And you’ve also gotta love the fact that it was meant to be Hachiman playing Julian/Julio/Judas/Jellal/Jamal…

 And finally, let’s discuss Yui. In this episode… in this episode she gave Hachiman some honey bread? Does the sound of that make anyone else feel really sick? Honey. On bread. It’s such a sickening combination that I almost threw up watching it… how sweet must the stuff be!? It’s potency must be killer… Honey bread aside, I’m beginning to feel as though Yui may not haven given up in her attempts to be with Hachiman… I mean, she did just try to go on a date with him and was even more excited when he asked if he could plan it instead… I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m not opposed to the idea… I just don’t think they’re right for each other you know?

 And on that note let’s in this post! Next week looks set to be a normal one… being the penultimate episode in the series I expect some drama to unfold near the end of the episode, but otherwise I’m expecting more honey toast and an ass load more cute Yukino… gotta love it.



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