Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Ep 10

“But I can’t accept that others are taking it easy.”

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ARRGGGGGGGGG!!!!! This episode made me really angry for Yukino. I mean, Hikigaya couldn’t have said it better himself, “Sure, it’s important to rely on others. But everyone’s so eager to rely on others.” meaning that people take advantage or depend too much of others. What we are seeing today is that nasty bitch who on the whim decided to try and look, “Cool” by offering to be the Committee’s Chairman. She had just came into our gang’s club room just after Yukino had announced they will temporally suspend their club activities and had asked her to help her out as an assistant. Yukino agreed, as long as it doesn’t go beyond that- but that’s exactly what ended up happening, Sagari taking advantage of Yukino by pushing not only all of her work as the Chairman, but also the other committee members’ after having suggested ‘Take it easy and have Fun!’ crap that was backed up by Haruno (who obviously did that on purpose just to get under Yukino’s skin). And that’s what pisses me off, being the reason why I feel the exact same way as Hikki who said, “But I can’t accept that others are taking it easy.”  So fuck you Committee Members who agreed with Sagari’s suggestion! FUCK. YOU!

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If that isn’t problematic enough, Yukino throughout this episode has been isolating herself from others, going as far as temporally closing their club so that they can focus on the Cultural Festival work. We don’t know what happened over the summer, but there is definitely something bothering her, and by the look of it and what have been hinted last week- it is probably family related. Speaking of family, holy fucking shit- I just wanted to wipe that stiff “Happy-Go-Lucky-” mask off of Haruno’s face. I swear to god, even though she’s a fictional character- the amount of spuriousness just oozing off of her is just—- I can’t even explain it. It just makes me so frustrated because all these people except for Yui, Hikigaya, Yukino and Hiratsuka are completely being fooled by Haruno’s so-called “Nice Act”. I actually exploded when I saw that Meguri called her down to help them with the committee work. Like what the actual fuck?! Come on!!! Talk about taking advantage of the fact she’s Yukino elder sister! It just shows how shallow they are. Maybe it’s just my bias feelings against Haruno and how the committee wouldn’t stop comparing and expecting Yukino to be exactly like her sister, but that’s just how I feel.

This episode was just plain ominous and ugly (but was really good). That wind comment that Yui had made right in the beginning of the episode was the metaphor of what’s to come. A storm is brewing, and if things aren’t ugly enough as they are, it’s going to be one hell of a mess. And I have to say, now that Yukino is sick, who is going to do all the work now eh? It’s going to be a last minute break for the committee team, but the fault lies in them, and Sagami for neglecting her responsibilities.




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3 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    Wow, that bitch really had a nasty attitude. “Taking it easy” is completely different from offloading all the work onto someone else and messing around like it’s not your problem – Sagami passing on her approval seal made Yukinon more of a committee chairman than Sagami ever was. How was Yui ever friends with her?

    Now that Yukinon’s off sick, everything’s just going to fall apart :D

    • Eva says:

      It will be glorious-as long as Yukino isn’t the one blamed for them falling behind because the majority of the committee depending on her to do all their work.

  2. TheVoid says:

    I think Hikigaya catches on that Haruno’s niceness is just a act in the novels by now, or maybe I’m remembering it wrong and she only says she likes Hikigaya’s eyes.

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