Suisei no Gargantia Episode 9: Shocking Revealation


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11 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    This episode killed me… firstly, now that I’ve begun reading the manga and I’ve seen the manga sketches/depiction of Avalon ( the only thing I have to say is… it looks like what I imagine Hitler’s sketch book (if he had one) to look like. It’s clean… too clean. I find the ‘Galactic Alliance’ to be sinister and cold and we haven’t even seen them yet (in fact, I doubt we will… although it is still a possibility).

    Secondly… WHY CHAMBER?! Why you kill cute Hideauze girl?! She was only trying to… well I don’t know what she was doing but it was cute! I found myself thinking ‘those ‘things’ in the Hideauze eggs look strangely anthropometric…’, but I quickly dismissed the idea and thought it foolish… how wrong I was. I did love Ledo’s face during the playing of that video though… Oh! And gotta love that dramatic scream at the end there! It was ‘nice’ to see that Ledo has actually become more human and he’s actually feeling remorse, something he know nothing about before coming to Earth.

    And lastly, I eagerly await my Ledo x Amy reunion… I can only hope the Gen Urobuchi doesn’t kill one of them off before then… Anyway nice review! I’ve been refreshing the home page every five minutes waiting for it because this episode was so awesome xD

    P.S, Chamber, you just lost like 100 awesome points for killing that ‘girl’… not cool…

    • Eva says:

      // I find the ‘Galactic Alliance’ to be sinister and cold//

      Oh yeah definitely. Remember that only after a certain amount of time spent serving the military they finally obtain a “Citizen Pass” to experience freedom and shit for a couple of weeks or months or something along the lines? That was only a hint of how fucked up they ways of ‘society’ were.

  2. KF says:

    We humans are sick, foolish creatures… We should have listen to Amy and leave them alone. Also, this episode shows just how alien Chamber truly is and how surprise I am for him to ignore a direct order from Ledo, the highest ranking CO. I took for granted that Chamber can be trusted but could I have been wrong?


    • Eva says:

      Well under ‘normal circumstances’ for Chamber, Ledo’s position is actually not the top authority, but Ledo finds the loophole of that because he is the only one around and there’s no form of way to communicate with anyone else that he can claim that title of authority to open the documents.
      And it’s not that Chamber can’t be trusted, it is just the way he was programmed to be. The Galactic Alliance didn’t want anyone to get this confidential information, so of course they put that into his security system to prevent anyone except for Top Authorities to access it. Also Chamber is a program, a technology, not human- so naturally he wouldn’t be impacted by the video and will do what his programed instincts tell him to do.

  3. Vantage says:

    //The only thing that I am wondering about is whether over time did the Evolvers eventually forget how to or perhaps were unable to communicate to begin with?//

    Perhaps the human Evolvers were taken over by their Symbiont partners who fused with them, making the Symbiont dominant? Or these Hideauze on Earth are a totally separate species that were just created with human DNA? Either way, they still exhibit human traits during growth (I felt a massive pang of guilt when Chamber destroyed the human-looking Hideauze babies and the Hideauze girl ;_;)

    Also, does anyone else think Ryan Matsumoto’s daughter looks similar to Amy, or is it just me?

    • Eva says:

      //Perhaps the human Evolvers were taken over by their Symbiont partners who fused with them, making the Symbiont dominant?//

      I could see that as they wound up completely losing their ‘humanity’ form and turn into monsters like this:

      //Also, does anyone else think Ryan Matsumoto’s daughter looks similar to Amy, or is it just me?//
      Trust me that you aren’t the only one. I’ve seen plenty of people remark the same thing. I too see a similarity, but not enough to make me go along with the theory that perhaps she might have been her ancestor.

  4. Wanderer_YS says:

    It was kind of interesting how Chamber’s reaction to the situation is completely different from Ledo’s. When Chamber suggests retreat, Ledo keeps going. When Ledo orders not to kill the Hideauze girl, Chamber, well, went God Gundam (my fist is burning red).

    Yeah, this heart wrenching feeling, definitely 100% Urobuchi-style.

  5. In2Yaoi! says:

    this shit is so good!! Never though i’d get this involved in this series after episode 2
    it made appreciate the previous 5-7 episodes more
    though i’m worried about Ledo and Chamber’s bromance after the last blood bath

  6. Jrow says:

    That was an amazing episode. The way it told its story was really well done, and its revelations really affected my thoughts on things, especially a heavy dose of skepticism toward the Galactic Alliance (with a slight bit of understanding for their reasons).

  7. Kaitou says:


    What happened to the hopeful story of youth ; A ;

  8. Linzz says:


    Chamber only did kidd Hideauze girl because it was the mission’s description (and he was totally programmed to follow a mission’s description from the moment he/it was born anyway). Plus, Ledo was just too slow on explaining things. LOL OKAY I’LL BE BLAMING LEDO ALL THE WAY. CHAMBER IS INNOCENT. HE’S MY CUTE LITTLE MECHA!!!

    Seriously, This episode was a blast. I regretted watching it late. I do.
    And to think that humans dying has already started BACK FROM EPISODE 1… I am sooooooo drained.

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