Suisei no Gargantia Ep 12: The Choice

“In any case, combat policy formulation is in your hands Ensign.”

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Suisei no Gargantia Ep 12 Img 0048WE ALL CALLED IT! LAST WEEK THE ENTIRE FANBASE CALLED IT AND WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT STRIKER BEING ALL FUCKING GODLY NOT GIVING TWO SHITS ABOUT THE FACT SHE HAS A DEAD COMMANDER IN HER COCKPIT. Oh my god, the whole scene- we knew it immediately when the lines were repeating itself from what was already said. But then, finally seeing for sure firsthand was both heartbreaking and horrific.

Suisei no Gargantia Ep 12 Img 0010This was a really strong episode with impact. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time, chewing my lips, my hands clasped together and unable to breath. It was powerful (the OST in particular really backed this up, so major props to the OST team). The most heart wrenching scene of the episode, was not the revelation of the Commander being dead, but seeing the people who were sacrificed by being cast into the ocean. It was basically the whole Avalon mess all over again, of getting rid of those who were weak or weren’t up to their society’s ‘standards’. Having seen that one of the scapegoats was a little boy, that was Ledo’s last straw- and I must say, the whole scene made my stomach flip. It wasn’t bloody, it wasn’t gruesome, but it was simple and effective enough to make me feel sick. Admittedly it was hard to watch, especially after seeing the kid that closely resembled of the child who we believe have been Ledo’s little brother, and Bevel. It was also really distrubing to see that instead of focusing on gathering fresh water from the rain, the people were doing their cult activities instead. I bet you that Striker claimed that she is the one who gives them rain or some bullshit like that- or that’s what the people were led to believe by others (in particular the leaders we’ve seen giving order to kill).

Suisei no Gargantia Ep 12 Img 0034I am really proud of the characters this episode. Ledo, my boy! I am so proud that he knew that he had to save Gargantia and regardless whether there was going to be a rebellion or not, he was going to attack Striker anyways. When he was asking questions- not to mention, wordy questions, Chamber couldn’t comprehend/respond to half of them until Ledo simplified them. The one question Chamber couldn’t answer was whether Ledo can fight the commander, thus leaving the decision in Ledo’s hands and that people, was the shining moment of the episode. For once, Chamber can’t give strategical support, instead it was Ledo’s decision, and he chose to fight to protect Gargantia.

Suisei no Gargantia Ep 12 Img 0028Pinion congrats, you redeemed himself by instead of touching up the cult’s weaponry, decided to equip Chamber with what he needed. Not only that, Pinion is helping directly by putting himself in line of fire. So many times throughout the fight I was expecting Striker to shoot Pinion and his companions down, especially after Pinion managed to land a strike on the beast and was doing a great job backing Ledo up (but I still don’t forgive you for cheering on the massacre for the Whale Squids/Evolvers). Oh and while this isn’t relevant, Pinion looks mighty FINEEEEEE with his hair down like this. Dude, have it down like this all the time!

Suisei no Gargantia Ep 12 Img 0031Then we have to thanks Rackage. If it weren’t for her, it probably would have been too late to set up a rebellion and not have enough people to back them up. I was so thrilled, and was cheering when her troops came rushing in. Following that we have our beloved Gargantia folks who were taking care of the people by telling them to take shelter to get out of harms way if they aren’t going to find. It was an emotional moment to see our folks jump on – and you know how it’s them? They are in colors, they are the vibrance, the living life with a conscious of mind who will always question what is right and what is wrong instead of blindly following what could lead them to their own deaths and not have a mind of their own.
Suisei no Gargantia Ep 12 Img 0015Finally last but not least, we have to thank our courageous Melty who had the important mission given by Ledo to fly off to Gargantia to warn them about the attack and tell them to escape. I was terrified when she fell from the sky, but thankfully Amy had been around or seen the flashing light and caught her.

We learned this week that Gargantia has a Key that is known as Heaven’s Ladder. It’s a majestic key that serves as their trump card. We don’t know what kind of power it holds, or what it’s for, but I am excited to see how this will help them, especially now that they plan to go straight into battle and help Ledo instead of running away. The first thing when Amy ran up to them saying that they have to help him, I was screaming, “NO NO NO! AMY YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE UP AGAINST! PLEASE DON’T DO IT!” because we all know that with that advance technology, it will wipe out the fleet. So lets all hope that this key they have will be enough to at least put them on even grounds against The Cult.

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1 Response

  1. Noc says:

    DAMN YOU, PINION!! You think I’ll like you now just because you look so sexy with your hair down?? Huh!!? WELL YOU’RE RIGHT >///<!!! I'll be thoroughly upset if you die next episode! I mean, you still have to make up for being a douche in the past, but you're off to a good start so keep it up!

    On to relevant things, STRIKER YOU BITCH!! That's exactly what I said when they revealed the dead commander. I mean, like you said, I and everyone else was sure he was dead and Striker was just imitating him, but the impact it had despite being obvious was impressive. And his heeeaaaaad, oh noooo T.T I always thought Kugel was a nice guy though, sacrificing himself like that (I think Ledo thought so too), so I was a bit happy to see it really wasn't him.

    On the action side of things, this episode was really exciting!! Watching Chamber/Ledo and Striker duke it out, it really felt like a true mecha show! Now that Kugel's death has been confirmed, Ledo has no reason to hold back. I'm ultra pumped for the finale, plus it looks like we'll finally get the Amy x Ledo reunion I've praying for! Here's hoping that key is really something awesome, and no one has to die T.T

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