Oreimo 2 Episode 9: Siblings

“Because we’re siblings.”



Well, that was dramatic. They certainly built things up right from the outset – Kuroneko just completely vanished, going to extent of transferring schools and moving house, which resulted in a very worried Kyousuke. I’ve never even seen Sena look that serious before, it was almost scary. I’d never actually thought that Kuroneko left because of something Kyousuke did, but from his point of view he must have been shitting bricks wondering whether it was him that screwed up – though of course, from what we’ve seen he was a perfectly good boyfriend, if slightly timid at times.

“Kyousuke, leave it to me.”

P146I loved the role reversal scene. I remember saying last episode (…yesterday) that we’ve been seeing a newer side to Kirino, and this week only cemented that thought – though Kyousuke started off by slapping her awake (wow, that was satisfying) Kirino was quick to take on the older sibling role and comfort him openly after seeing how depressed he was. My dislike for Kirino has softened slightly – even Kirino (who is usually a bitch) isn’t cold enough to watch her wreck of a brother cry and not do anything. And after everything Kyousuke has done for Kirino in the past two seasons, it’s nice to know that she appreciates it and cares for his welfare in return, even if she doesn’t always show it. I actually wouldn’t mind it if Kirino was like this more often, as it’s only at times like this when I agree with the show’s title – indeed, Kyousuke’s little sister can’t be this cute.

“I never want to see my brother with a girlfriend! I want to be the most important person to him!”

P158Then you have the confession scene – and a big confession, too. Not one of those small slips where Kirino lets her deredere side out after Kyousuke goes far out of his way to help her – instead it’s a torrent of complex emotions that she’s never openly displayed before (though she could have picked a better area than the middle of a city). It didn’t take a genius to tell that Kirino wasn’t happy about Kuroneko going out with Kyousuke – as a tsundere, she’ll never say the truth. And it’s become a common assumption for many fans of this show (including myself) that Kirino acts as bitchy as she does because she wants to be the most important girl in Kyousuke’s life – over Manami, over Ayase and even over Kuroneko. Yet her open declaration of that was pretty significant, which eventually reduced Kyousuke to tears – they’re her true feelings, which she’s willing to lay bare in order to make Kyousuke happy again. She didn’t like seeing them go out together, but she hated seeing Kyousuke depressed even more, and wanted to repay him for his kindness – damn Kirino, stop! Don’t make me stop hating you, please!


I suppose this is what Kuroneko wanted in the end – bringing Kyousuke and Kirino closer together, in her own roundabout way. It really would have saved everyone a lot of trouble if she’s spoken up to begin with – but then I guess Kirino would have never given her heartfelt speech, keeping her deredere side safely locked up. Things between Kyousuke and Kuroneko are still kinda unsettled, but I did fear for Kuroneko after she boldly presented Kyousuke with a choice of either herself or Kirino. While I do think Kyousuke does love Kuroneko, I have a feeling she’d have lost there, even though I’m sure she loves Kyousuke just as much – “I love you as much as your sister does” takes on a whole new meaning with this ep’s events. Anyway, with this it seems we’re hurtling down a sibling/incest route, which I think I’ll wait a bit more before commenting on – especially with the next ep’s title being “My Little Sister Can’t Wear a Wedding Dress” o.O My opinion on Kirino has been far too inconsistent lately, and it’ll probably change a couple more times before the show finishes xD


I love cute things.

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