Oreimo 2 Episode 12: Heartbreak

“…Why isn’t it me?”



At Kyousuke’s housewarming party, the various girls in his life start fighting amongst themselves – who should be the one to take care of Kyousuke while he’s busy studying for exams? An irate Kirino ends up picking Ayase on the basis that Ayase loathes him…but is that really the case?




P458Fuck. I guess there won’t be an Ayase route, huh? I think I’ve mentioned before that Ayase was my favourite girl – I’d have loved an Ayase ending, but it looks like it’s just not gonna happen now. Ayase actually confessed seriously, and despite everything she’s been through with Kyousuke, she was turned down straight away…damn, it hurts so bad. Even more than the whole incident with Kuroneko. Her goodbye kiss and a montage in the ED replaying a few of their moments together made it seem like she’s leaving the show for good – I suppose that’s true in a sense. With only one TV episode left, there’s no prizes for guessing that Kirino’ll get featured heavily, and it almost seems like this episode and last week’s one were filled with lots of Ayase to appease us fans. Worst of all was her teary face, which reminded me of Sword Art Online’s Lyfa getting rejected all too clearly. Kyousuke you retard…why?! WHY?!

…It’s Kirino isn’t it. Yeah, I suppose I was just trying to ignore it all along. The title’s Oreimo, after all. But Kyousuke, that doesn’t stop you from being a bastard of a siscon.

P447Now that Ayase’s been rejected, I’m thinking I should have enjoyed the Ayase-centric parts of the episode a bit more – especially her daily visits to Kyousuke’s apartment to take care of him. She was like a housewife :D In hindsight, Ayase was definitely very happy that Kirino gave her the opportunity to do so – I nearly thought Kirino would suggest to do it herself. Unsurprisingly, Ayase was fully aware that Kyousuke’s initial siscon/pervert declarations were all merely a front (I’m not so sure now) to allow her to make up with Kirino. And as time passed, neither of them ended up correcting that misunderstanding.

I’m glad that the housewarming party didn’t take up too much of tonight’s episode – while it was nice to see more of Saori’s ojou-sama mode (when did she get used to it?) all the girls fighting over Kyousuke only served to highlight all the possible routes he could have gone down. Kyousuke’s such a pimp, yet he’s throwing it all away, in favour of his little sister =_= Speaking of Kirino, she was surprisingly mature this episode. While I can’t exactly remember why she hated Manami with a burning passion (did she take up too much of Kyousuke’s time or something?) she’s now less childish, and was willing to offer her a truce.

Okay Kirino, you have four episodes left to convert me. Let’s see what you can do!



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2 Responses

  1. xrampage says:

    Someone please PLEASE kill that STUPID ASSHOLE Kyousuke…how dare he break my angel’s heart?

    • Vantage says:

      Ayase-tan ;_; For me, the clincher isn’t even the fact that he’s refusing to date her. It’s that he’s decided to pick Kirino instead – and around Kirino, he acts like an emasculated wreck of a siscon. His relationships with Ayase or even Kuroneko are much more entertaining, and his personality around them is the Kyousuke I’d much rather see.

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