Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 10: Light and Darkness


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6 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    Fun fact: Valvrave’s is named after the Valravn, a soul who makes a contact with a maiden to take their first born child in exchange for bringing them to the betrothed. When the child is born the Valravn comes, takes the child, eats the childs heart, and becomes a Knight!

    With the way things played out I consider both Haruto and Saki to have been raped. Also, it’s already been made clear that he’s the one suffering from those hunger pains and none of the other pilots suffer from it. None of the others have a AI like VVV-tan in their Valvraves either, which makes his special.

  2. MCAL says:

    Commander Cain said something two (?) episodes ago about reproduction. So my theory is he somehow able to control Haruto’s “attack” through the Valvrave AI which would explain why it only happens to Haruto.

  3. ayingott says:

    Agreed, I don’t think the rape scene was necessary to convey what the curse entails. Surely Saki could have fended him off or something, rather than give in, which for me makes the rape even more chilling. Saki is (assumedly) having sex for the first time with the guy she likes, but he’s not having sex with her because he likes her. He’s doing it because he’s gone nuts. That’s gotta be extremely scarring.

    I just felt it was in bad taste when the scene could have been done so many other ways and still conveyed the same thing. Which is upsetting because I was really enjoying Valvrave, and this kind of mars the experience. I still do, I’m just hoping this isn’t a regular occurrence. Hopefully they treat this pretty damn seriously.

    • Eva says:

      Exactly, it really does leave a bad taste in your mouth. I have heard some people, including some of my friends dropping Valvrave because of of that. :\

  4. exclusiveDLCname says:

    so terrible but i loved it. doujin incoming. although i was hoping for haruto x saki since episode 5 lol. i’m just curious how they’re going to handle it from this point forward, that’ll decide how this anime goes down in history. and it could go both ways

  5. Dio Brando says:

    Now that’s out the way, I must admit this does ACTUALLY show that Haruto has turned into some kind of monster who must rape wenches. Before this he was just a body swapping, mech piloting vampire. Also known as the coolest thing in the world. Nearly as cool as a vampire that can stop time.

    But this shows us that there is ACTUALLY a downside to this power of his.

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