Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 10: Light and Darkness

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::TW: Rape:: If you haven’t watched the episode yet and you are very uncomfortable watching scenes that involve Rape. To skip this scene you should avoid this time frame: 20:07 – 22:11 (and you aren’t going to miss anything important I ensure you that).


Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 10 Img 0042Oh my god. What the hell did I just watch. I don’t even- I am speechless. The last bit of this episode was so messed up that it was disturbing to the point I was disgusted, felt like I wanted to puke and horrified of what was happening. I feel horrible for Saki, absolutely horrible. To have to go through that, to be the victim of being assaulted and raped by someone whom she had feelings for while they are in a Berserk state. I never ever imagined that they would take the curse this far. It’s actually beyond me why they decided to make this the price of all things, like… was that really necessary? Does this apply to each and every one of them who are now VALVRAVE pilots? If so, drastic measures need to be taken ASAP, they can’t have any of them running loose during that state. But I genuinely hope it doesn’t because- no, just… no that’s way too much. And it’s almost like a slap in a face too because Saki promised Haruto that if he ever loses himself completely, she will do him the favor of killing him herself. (And I’m sure, he is going to want to die because he will be absolutely horrified of what the curse made him do).

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 10 Img 0044What was just heartbreaking amidst the horrors of that scene was how we see Shouko standing in this heavenly limelight on stage and announcing that she will confess to her love when they get to the moon, and then at the same time as the scene goes back and forth between them, you see BERSERK-Haruto assaulting Saki as he is consumed by the curse aka darkness. How obvious the symbolism was just ripped my heart out because it applies to what Saki had said (more for her own sake at the time because she was jealous) that he and Shouko can never be together since they are completely different beings now.

Disturbing scene aside, Nanami had announced that they should hold an election for an official leader (Prime Minister) to serve as their representative when they get to the moon. Throughout the episode we saw students eagerly wanting Shouko to run for PM, but she declined saying that they are giving her too much credit. It turns out that the topic was sensitive for her because according to the news source, Shouko’s father has been killed. We don’t know whether it’s true or not until Shouko finds out for herself rather than following the new-stories, but she is clinging to that thin thread of hope that her father had escaped alive and is well. After Haruto had found out about it, he felt guilty that he hadn’t notice her holding it in the entire time and made the resolve that he will go and search for her father and had indirectly confessed to her when he was explaining why he intends to go. As result Shouko decides to run in the election for PM so that she too can fight by his side without having to become a pilot.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 10 Img 0024On the Dorrisian army side of the story, Cain announces that they cannot attack them while they are on the moon. But the next attack will be the last and if they fail to seize a Valvrave, his life may be in danger despite being Fuhrer’s right-hand man. However we all know that he either wants to summon the fifth VALVRAVE or take it for himself. And with that said, both H-neun and Kriemhild were suspicious about how Cain has been dealing with the VALVRAVE matter. I swear to god, that horror music freaked me out so much that I was sure one or the other was going to be killed right then and there.

As for this week’s information tidbits, the Valrvrave aka VVV Plan is JIOR’S claim to neutrality prevented it from maintaining a sizable defense force. That’s why they developed a weapon that served as a one-man army. What helped them accomplish this was the information particles are apparently called Runes. All the students have been specially adjusted and have been observed by the teachers who were soldiers (except for Nanami who is a special case). Also Unit 1 (Haruto’s Valvrave) is the only one who can use the Harakiri Blade.

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No. Just, no.

Finally as disturbing as it is to mention again– there was foreshadowing of this ordeal with the VVV Mascot. Those perverted comments that we thought were simply “a joke” was actually a warning, of what the consequences was going to be. But still, I cannot get over the fact they had chosen to go with Rape. Like, I get that they wanted to shock the audience- but personally, I felt they overstepped the bounds with the idea since it probably wasn’t necessary.


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6 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    Fun fact: Valvrave’s is named after the Valravn, a soul who makes a contact with a maiden to take their first born child in exchange for bringing them to the betrothed. When the child is born the Valravn comes, takes the child, eats the childs heart, and becomes a Knight!

    With the way things played out I consider both Haruto and Saki to have been raped. Also, it’s already been made clear that he’s the one suffering from those hunger pains and none of the other pilots suffer from it. None of the others have a AI like VVV-tan in their Valvraves either, which makes his special.

  2. MCAL says:

    Commander Cain said something two (?) episodes ago about reproduction. So my theory is he somehow able to control Haruto’s “attack” through the Valvrave AI which would explain why it only happens to Haruto.

  3. ayingott says:

    Agreed, I don’t think the rape scene was necessary to convey what the curse entails. Surely Saki could have fended him off or something, rather than give in, which for me makes the rape even more chilling. Saki is (assumedly) having sex for the first time with the guy she likes, but he’s not having sex with her because he likes her. He’s doing it because he’s gone nuts. That’s gotta be extremely scarring.

    I just felt it was in bad taste when the scene could have been done so many other ways and still conveyed the same thing. Which is upsetting because I was really enjoying Valvrave, and this kind of mars the experience. I still do, I’m just hoping this isn’t a regular occurrence. Hopefully they treat this pretty damn seriously.

    • Eva says:

      Exactly, it really does leave a bad taste in your mouth. I have heard some people, including some of my friends dropping Valvrave because of of that. :\

  4. exclusiveDLCname says:

    so terrible but i loved it. doujin incoming. although i was hoping for haruto x saki since episode 5 lol. i’m just curious how they’re going to handle it from this point forward, that’ll decide how this anime goes down in history. and it could go both ways

  5. Dio Brando says:

    Now that’s out the way, I must admit this does ACTUALLY show that Haruto has turned into some kind of monster who must rape wenches. Before this he was just a body swapping, mech piloting vampire. Also known as the coolest thing in the world. Nearly as cool as a vampire that can stop time.

    But this shows us that there is ACTUALLY a downside to this power of his.

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