Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 12: *MINDBLOWN* [FINAL]

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Final Impression:

This episode, this was EPIC AND INTENSE! Oh my goodness, I am so psyched for what’s to come, this is crazy- massively crazy- I absolutely loved this development and better yet- it was as some people in the fandom predicted- Akira claiming the final and 6th Valvrave. In the end it all worked out in her end since that was the only thing I couldn’t figure out of how on earth she’d get to the Valvrave with the entire raid and poison gas about. It was like destiny and as if the Valvrave was entirely made for her alone. It’s powers contains the ability to hack it’s opponent’s units which is something I expect will be super handy in the future. I especially loved the fact that her magical hacking rod looks similar to Sakura’s rod from Cardcaptor Sakura, it was just perfect for Akira! And seriously hands down, Akira is one of my favourite characters- she has gone through a lot, and understandably after seeing how severely abused she was by her classmates, of course she wouldn’t want to go outside and be afraid of others. The whole scene of her desperately trying to muster up the courage to go out and save Shouko after she had almost been killed by the drill (man- this girl must have nine lives) and was at risk for the poison gas made me really emotional. They delivered the entire scene beautifully.

So that drill the Dorrisian army had was basically a container of poison gas- effectively killing the students and planned to smack into surface of the module so that they can contaminate the air and kill everyone in one shot. Quite a low, but proven effective tactic. In the mean time they also had successfully captured the Valvraves by basically ironing them so that they’d go beyond their heat capacity and be unable to function. I scoffed when X-eins boasted, “Cain is a genius!” because he has absolute no idea that Cain actually possessed knowledge about the Valvrave and kept it to himself, which is why both H-neun and Kriemhild became suspicious about how laid back he was about the whole matter, musing from time to time random facts about the Valvraves. And with that in mind, I am curious to see what will happen to both of them as H-neun is quite bloodied up in the preview, followed by the fact the Special Force crew don’t look very happy- and something tells me it has to do with Cain not truly serving Dorrisia.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 12 Img 0016Then there was so-called “Graduation Ceremony” with Cain and L-Elf facing off a one-sided fight where Cain was absolutely pummeling L-Elf who had failed to see this far into the future. I was honestly terrified for L-Elf’s life since there was no telling whether Cain was going to bother killing him. Regardless, it was even scarier when A-Drei came into the picture because we know he is holding a grudge against L-Elf. But I have to say, despite how things were going, I broke into a fit of laughter seeing how Haruto was as he couldn’t even make Cain even budge. His efforts were absolutely futile and on top of that- it purpose of doing that was telling L-Elf to run for it which he had remarked that was the second most sensible thing Haruto ever said.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 12 Img 0041Of course their fight against Cain only went downhill from here. While Akira had successfully separated A-Drei and Cain from L-Elf and Haruto; allowing them to retreat into Unit 01, Haruto was unable to kill Cain as he appears to the the ‘First Generation’ which I call, “The Fairy Generation” because he kind looked like a fairy, you know flying around and shit. In the mean time, we learned that the Third Generation Valvrave Pilots are called (by Cain) the “Immortals” because that’s their ability. Now since we know that there’s three generations, we don’t know whether Cain is actually the first or second- since who knows the first could have been a failure altogether (first is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the golden chest). Cain then flies off into the laboratory where all the Valvrave prototypes and skeletons were, and with the forced help of Blue, that creepy green thing that I KNEW WAS FUCKING ALIVE turned into a fairy (that’s just what I’m going to call it for now because I don’t know what else to call them or what they really are) and entered the system- and allowed it to function. We know that he’s the official ‘mascot’ of the earlier generation as he is the third gen’s mascot’s older brother and the fact Cain holds authority over him so that despite how he hates humans, he must bids his orders. Speaking of which, does she have a name yet? I don’t think she does…. I guess Haruto will eventually name her next season.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 12 Img 0047Now the Magius. I am really excited to learn more about their organization and how they came to power, as well as Cain’s ranking within the group. This is some pretty intense shit going on- those people we saw in the palace a few episodes back when we saw L-Elf’s flashback in those fancy robes are probably part of the Magius organization. They are a group who governs the world from the shadows- which is pretty fucked up, especially with that revelations of the leaders of both ARUS and Dorrisia meet face to face while being watched over by them. It appears- or at least implied that their location might be on Earth. That at least would be an ideal base to govern from the shadows since most of the people had left Earth at this point of time and are living the space life.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 12 Img 0001Finally last but not least Saki. I am really proud of her, and I am happy that she rejected Haruto’s proposal by claiming, “I’m a idol! I can’t be tied down to one person!”. Good for her, hopefully she will receive a proposal in the future by a person is truly in love with her (heck it could be Haruto but who knows). Ah- speaking of the future, man that first first cut scene, it was ridiculously cute to watch and I was like, “HOLY SHIT.” Was it just me or the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the kid was, “Oh my god he looks like young L-Elf!”. I mean god- I can tell they are messing with the shippers since we have no idea whether that kid is her child or not- let alone who is the child’s father as he holds both similar physical traits to both L-Elf and Haruto. Heck they could end up trolling us with, “LOL neither L-Elf or Haruto is the father!”.

Holy shit that preview. So it looks like our Valvrave pilots do get captured by the Magius…err well are at least in Dorrisia’s hands at the very least and that’s where things will be kicking off next season. And shit things are going to get bloody… And Haruto is determined to make the curse end within their generation. One of the things I am truely scared about is the wrath L-Elf is going ot have to face from A-Drei. The guy went on about how he will make him his left hand err eye and shoot one of L-Elf’s eyes too.

Overall I have to say, this was a great way to kickoff the series, I expect the next season to be less fluffy and more bloody since our characters are no longer living a life of freedom and innocence.

Well you know that I’m guaranteed to be covering the second season in October already!

Stay tuned for the Overall Review!

Kakumeiki Valvrave Season 2 Preview

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