Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 11

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Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 11 Img 0039Damn, that was an intense episode. I cannot wait for next week’s episode because it’s going to be so badass!
I expect Alsiel to be the one to deal with him again now that he is at the hospital too (poor guy, he can’t catch a break from getting sick can he?). I just pray that until Alsiel is in condition to defend himself, he won’t have to face Orba just yet since he had just awakened. I also sincerely hope Lucificer isn’t going to betray Maou now that Orba is back in the picture because he’s been such a helpful tech-man of the party. His tracking device that he had put on Emilia’s purse as well as it shown us briefly putting one on Suzuno’s sandals proven vital as Maou realizes that something has gone terribly wrong since Chiho hasn’t returned home and had he missed a call from her.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 11 Img 0029It turns out that the Sarue Mitsuki (Sentucky’s manager) who isn’t actually an employee there, he is just sitting there for the sake of location is the assassin who had attacked Emilia a few episodes back. His power that nullifies Emilia’s sacred powers is called, “Wicked Light of the Fallen”. It it certainly an interesting combination of an Angel wielding a Scythe, yet unlike Lucifer (who’s a fallen angel) possess white wings and the angelic outfit. The reason for his glasses was because it hid the paint thing whatever it’s called that is still stained on his face. We also learned that he and Suzuno are working together- however Sarue is under the mission to “free” Emilia from her arduous duty as the Hero and reclaim the sacred sword.

Another thing we learned this episode is that there’s a third and partially fourth party involved with this whole Ente Isla mess. One of them are known as the Allied Knights Order who are what you could consider ‘Rivals’ with the Church. However they were quickly targeted by the Executor of the Inquisition (the fourth party) who are an organization of assassins that do the dirty work. They serve the Church. And if there is a fifth, that would most likely be the Angels (if that’s what Sarue really is) but we don’t know where they stand in all of this nor whether they are alliance with the Church besides the fact Sarue in particular wants to or has been ordered to reclaim the Sacred Sword/Assassinate Emilia.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 11 Img 0017Suzuno is known as the “Reaper”, Death Scythe Bell but she hates the fact that she is assigned to kill people. She wields a gruesome weapon that appears to be like a massive hammer used to brutally smash her victims in one shot. But yet, she is still pushed and persuaded into fulling her duty, despite knowing deep inside that Maou is not the Evil Demon Lord that everyone claimed him to be. Unfortunately it appears that Emilia’s claim of wanting to protect the people without making any sacrifices really struck Suzuno because all this time, she has been told sacrifices had to be made and it probably either doesn’t sound fair to her or simply impossible. That said, I am worried whether she already had or still plans to wipe out Chiho’s memories of everyone who was from Ente Isla.  I just hope she doesn’t do it. Although romance is included as ones of the genres for this show… I wonder if we’re ever going to get any at all over the course of the final two episodes… Honestly I’m don’t actually care that much nor am I holding my breath since I am enjoying the show the way it is.



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