Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 10

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Sorry for the delay guys. ^_^;;; I’ll have Ep 11 following this shortly.

Well I must say, that was quite an informative episode. The first ten minutes right off the bat had showered us with so much information, that I wouldn’t be surprise if some people lost track of what they were talking about. That being said, they have officially laid out the basis plot of this show to the audience having revealed the Wulgaru’s intentions, their history and the truth about their origins.

Majestic Prince Ep 10 Img 0003It turns out that they Humans aka Earthlings share the genes of the Wulgaru since they were seeded and sowed to serve as a harvest for the Wulgaru that was cast across the universe. Then later, the Wulgaru would travel and hunt them down and eat them. It’s gross no matter how you think of it but I suppose this makes them in a way cannibals if they are fine with feasting on was it basically part of their own species. I don’t know how any of their other “seeds” had evolved as, but it appears that Earthlings are the first they’ve encountered to be able to communicate and share physical traits.

Theoria is a Noble (or possibly a Princess if she is directly related Jiart) who had came to Earth to warn them and assist preparing a counter-attack against the Wulgaru who had Earth as its next target. The Wulgaru specifies have existed far longer than Humans, but because of that they are at risk of biological decline, so they tried many experiments in hopes to find a way to preserve their lives/species. As result of their failures, they began a new experiment by conducting artificial genetic engineering to encourage their genes to advance and then released these genes across the universe. When exposed to different planets, they had anticipated that the genes would create their own ecosystems and believed that some could evolve to an extent that could supplement the Wulgarau’s depleting vitality. The project was a success. It turns out that Humans are one of the races that the Wulgaru had created and are now hunting since they were created, sowed, and ready for harvest. With her mother’s help, Theoria managed to slip to Earth to help them prepare a counter attack by providing them the AHSMB technology in order to combat the Wulgaru.

Majestic Prince Ep 10 Img 0005The next part of the information dump was the orgins of MJP, which was intially a project meant to cultivate humans fit for space life. But upon learning of the Wulgaru invasion from Theoria it turned into an organization bent on preparing for the upcoming war. The project was then split into two: one on weapons and the other half on raising humans who could wield those weapons, but in order to do that they had to modify alien science to work well with the human body. What make it possible was the JURIA-SYSTEM.

Majestic Prince Ep 10 Img 0013I was surprised how much they were emphasizing on Kei’s jealousy towards Theoria and the fact that Izuru is swooning about the fact the two of them in fact had known each other well enough in the past to be labeled as friends. I don’t know whether Izuru actually has an actual memory of Theoria because I feel that if he had, we would have seen it by now. So I suppose it’s more of a connection between them, kind of like how one’s heart would remember even if they had no memories of it- they just know it. Back to Kei, I am getting the feeling that her unstable emotions fueled by jealousy will interfere with the JURIA-System, because as we heard she and Toshikazu have not been adapting to the JURIA-System as well as Izuru (1st), Tamaki (surprisingly 2nd) followed by Ataru (3rd). Kei is actually in fact last place, making Toshikazu forth. The two of them are almost onto par with their poor grading with the JURIA-System and apparently it’s because they are highly self-conscious and reserved. It was suggested today that the JURIA-System works best when the pilot is true to themselves and not being clouded by self-doubts. As result that’s why I believe the jealousy waves will have its consequences because it only adds onto the list of problems that is preventing Kei form adapting to the JURIA-System, and could go as far as perhaps failing to function at all.

Majestic Prince Ep 10 Img 0021Speaking of Kei, she has really been on top of everything today. From jealousy to asking the vital questions such as remarking that Theoria and Jiart look awfully alike (implying they could very well be family related) and begrudgingly pointing out that she has figured out the meaning behind their team name: Team Rabbits.
True enough, the hidden meaning behind their team’s name basically serves as Lab-Rats (or Lab-Rabbits as she put it). It doesn’t help that the Commander told them straight out that the military will be preparing/considering to use them as decoys and the only reason he had told them that is because he wanted them to be psychologically prepared since they are labels as ‘Superior Preys’ which the Wulgaru will be on top of. While Earth may see them as their trump cards, whether or not Team Rabbits have been confronted about serving as decoys, they already knew in the back of their heads that they were no more than sacrificial lambs since nobody gives a damn about them.

Finally with a Wulgaru Craft having landed on Mars, it makes me wonder if perhaps it could be Theoria’s mother. Although the chances are slim, it would definitely be very interesting, otherwise I wonder who else it will be and whether they will be ally or foe.


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