Ghost in the Shell: Arise; Part 1 [First Impressions]



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3 Responses

  1. lukapenga says:

    I still didn’t get this part fully, can someone please read the spoiler box and clarify for me? thank you

    [spoiler]from what I understand, the vice-minister of defense made an illegal arms deal with a third world country in order to protect the armies finances,.. and the lieutenant knew about it from investigating the vice-minister’s prostitute and ranger driver, and wanted to go public with the info, so the vice-minister ordered the captain with the blue hair to solve the situation, but the encounter in the end with motoko and her superior… who are those six spies they killed? and what did she mean by “if it weren’t for his memory virus we could’ve saved him” and who is this “enemy” she is talking about?… can someone please clarify for me those things if they know.. thanks~ [/spoiler]

    • Oki says:

      She was explaining, basically, that the entirety of the government in Japan is their enemy out to stop them and dismantle their program. I think she was referring to this incident solely because the government itself would have shut them down for whistleblowing their selling of arms to third world countries. And they couldn’t stop the man who was murdered from telling or communicate with him because of his memory virus, otherwise they might have saved him.

  2. lukapenga says:

    i see i see,.. so the government itself kind of hate unit 501 and want to dismantle them and they need any dirt on them… so let me get this straight tho, what did motoko mean when she accused kurusu of using her? and what was the purpose of that money that she put in motoko’s account… and who actually pulled the trigger on the leautenant? sorry that I am asking those many questions :/ AND THANK YOU FOR REPLYING SO MUCH!! LOVE YOU~!

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