Devil Survivor 2 The Animation [Overall Review]


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4 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    Honestly the story wasn’t that great to begin with in the game, but the anime made it even worse. I think you’re more generous to it than I ever could.

  2. Whitlira says:

    As horrible as Daichi’s voice was, I can’t get the horrific sound of Hibiki’s voice out of my head. Your review is, unfortunately, true. (I had so many hopes, what with it being an Atlus game…)

  3. striffy says:

    Oh Chris. Now I’m going to laugh at you for having completed this show. Also, I feel like 5/10 is too generous (Though who am I to talk? I dropped it around the third or fourth ep- a smart move if I do say so myself)

  4. gordon says:

    disagree with u Thevoid i thought idea was interesting basically world coming to end, like most SMT games not sure u are fan or rpg fan in general anyways i loved SMT Devil Survivor 2 the game, anime just sucked shouldn’t been made, atlus being sold off hope that studio decides no crappy animes.

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