Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 12: Sunday of Realization – I


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4 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    They appear to be going for one of Daichi’s endings. Just so you know they’ve changed so much it hardly resembles the game. Makoto being in love with Yamato, Yamato being a complete cliched villain, Jungo and Airi being around each other all the time, etc. are all anime original.

    The game was more lighthearted and comedic, also demons TALKED!

    Also nowhere near as many people died and there was a legitimate plot reason for that, which they’ll most likely change in the anime to using some loophole or not have it at all.

  2. reduce reuse recycle says:

    It could be said that they’re going for one of Daichi’s endings, but the fact that they probably won’t even battle against Polaris and show him the true super power of humanity will make the ending pretty useless, and will not guarantee the true salvation of humanity (you’ll see what I mean).

    In the game, Makoto used to be a talented synchronized swimmer with a bright future ahead of her (joining the Olympics), but was one day involved in a car crash, and could not pursue her dreams any further. Becoming part of JPs gave her a new purpose in life, which was the reason that she was so loyal to Yamato. She also wasn’t love with him, and may oppose him depending on whether or not you choose to level up her fate ranks/follow another route/etc.

    Yamato was a much more sympathetic character in the game. Even though he had the whole social-Darwinism stuff going on back then, he wasn’t nearly as much of a bastard as he is here. I still didn’t like him, but I at least found his thoughts reasonable and had respect for him. He also wasn’t that overpowered.

    Alcor was more mysterious in the game, but much more helpful than he is now. He was a pretty straight-foward guy, and gave out important information regarding what to do in order to defeat several Septentrione. It was also revealed that he gave humanity fire, knowledge and all that jazz, and the demons you get for befriending him are >20 levels higher than the demons you get from the other characters (one demon being Lucifer, Lv. 99). Probably why I liked him best.

    Actually, all the characters were pretty different. Hmph..?

  3. greed says:

    If Daichi was the protagonist, then the anime would have been called “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Really, Daichi is quite the same as Shinji.

  4. Al says:

    They’re probably going for an Anime only ending where Hibiki timeloops back to the beginning of the game. This has been the theory of a lot of people who played the game since the first episode. With Hibiki having a powerful demon to start with and Hibiki says a bunch of strange things that were kind of like he almost knew things that he shouldn’t have/

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