Chihayafuru 2 Episode 23: The Individuals Finals


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3 Responses

  1. This tournament has nothing to do with Shinobu’s position as Queen, so Arata’s beating her won’t strip her of anything but her reign as Class A champion. The matches held to see who will be the challengers for the Queen and Meijin (Master) are held a bit later after this tournament.

    As for a third season, I’m not certain that one will be announced any time soon. Season 2’s ending will (roughly) coincide within about 10-15 chapters of where the manga is at present, so there’s not enough material yet for a third season. It may be another year or so before we are able to see enough material for a third season to be announced and developed.

    • Eva says:

      Regardless of the tournament having nothing to do with Shinobu’s position as the Queen, it will effect her reputation. The title that she will be stripped is the “Invincible Queen”

      Season 2 wasn’t announced until like almost a year later so I do expect to wait that long until it’s announced and will continue to remain hopeful. I don’t care how long we have to wait for a third season as long as we get it because it would be absolutely worth it. Heck take Shakugan no Shana III for example. That finished in 2008 and we didn’t get the third season until 2011, that’s three years. Besides if necessary as you say, it would best to wait until the manga has enough material to provide a third season rather than have them go down the Anime Original path.

  2. adol says:

    there’s a lot of manga need to be animated, though not enough for season 3 right now-maybe a year waiting but the anime definately not going out the way of the manga because there is so much event in the manga i want to see it animated and i’m sure you guys want to see it too

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