Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 8: One Day They Will All Know The Truth.

‘I remember not doing anything as a similar scene played out’

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 I guess Hachiman and Hayato are now bros? I joke of course, I mean, Hachiman could never be ‘bros’ with anyone, hell, he can’t even make friends, but he nevertheless continues to help people in his awesome nonchalant way. Episode 8 was all about Hachiman helping Rumi overcome her problems… by scaring children into submission? The plan was weird but we find greatness in its execution and the other comical moments in the episode… oh, and the fan service… can’t forget about that fan service.

 I guess it makes sense to get the fan service out of the way first… So yeah, this episode had fan service. Wow. I know some people find spontaneous fan service annoying and derailing, but I’m cool with it, I mean, it’s not like I’m into animated ass or anything, I just think it gives the show a nice little comedic break and, in this case, a refreshing feeling that helps to break up the episode. As is usually the case with romantic comedies, not much happened in this episode. To put it simply, Hachiman wakes up to Totsuka’s feminine face, Hachiman builds a fire, Hachiman goes down to the river, Hachiman helps out Rumi and Yukino ‘leaves’ the show (for what will probably be half an episode in episode 9) in a somewhat cliche manner. Like, seriously, did we not see this EXACT same storyline LAST SEASON with Oreshura? Do they have no shame?! I probably would have found the final scenes in the episode more striking if I hadn’t watched the former… it just seems sad to see the same plot point stolen from another show, y’know? But that’s just me getting off topic, the fan service in this episode was a nice a refreshing change from what would usually be Hachiman criticizing the world (not that I have a problem with that, it’s just that sometimes I need something else, y’know?)… that is all…

 Rumi. Did anyone else want a sort of father daughter relationship between Hachiman and Rumi to occur? I honestly didn’t think that Hachiman would try to solve her problem… I thought that they would find a common purpose in their hatred of people and the world and criticize everyone together, y’know? But alas Hachiman has to go and do something that, I thought, was seemingly out of character (although I’m beginning to think that a true, kind, nature lies within of all his cynicism) and help Rumi… ‘make friends’? Did she even make friends? Or do they all just hate each other now instead of directing all of their hatred at Rumi? I guess they expect Rumi to just waltz on in and make friends with their now splintered group? Why didn’t they follow up on that plot point! Damn you bad story telling!

 I think we should probably also address the fireworks part of the episode… it was… interesting? Rumi’s ignorance of Hachiman was understandable, I mean, she didn’t actually know about what Hachiman had done for her and so I forgive her. Also, does anyone else find Yukino’s continually abuse of Hachiman rather unnerving? Sometimes its funny and other times it’s just in bad taste, I mean, there’s having a joke or two and then there’s bullying someone based on their appearance and characteristics… I find myself feeling sorry for him most of the time and then that takes away from the sympathy that I should be feeling for Yukino when bad things happen to her. And of course we can’t talk about the fireworks scene without talking about Hayato. I’ve actually always quite liked Hayato, he’s really not that bad a character. Sure he’s your typical ‘nice guy’ but that’s just it, he’s a nice guy. I don’t want to punch him in the face and that’s always nice! I just hope we get to see more epic Hayato x Hachiman moments… it’s nice to see two guys being two guys, y’know? I think Hayato is going to be one of the main reasons Hachiman changes and I’m looking forward to seeing it… that is unless Hayato just disappears from now on.

 And finally, Yukino. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’ve seen this plot point before or just because it came so late in the episode, but did anyone else feel nothing/annoyance when she left with her sister? The sad, rich family girl plot is one that we’ve seen way too many times and it saddens me to see it in an anime that I’d hoped would try to differ from the norm. I get that it’s becoming harder to ‘be original’ but when I have to watch the same thing play out over and over again what can I do but sigh in defeat and boredom? I hope that they take the plot point and make it there own… I guess we’ll see in episode 9.

 Overall a good episode, fan service and all. The last five minutes let the episode down and made the show out to be a cliche amongst the romantic comedy genre… I can only hope that they begin to differ again next episode or else I might cry the manly tears of defeat.


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  1. Deadlights says:

    What was wrong with that last scene? It’s Hachiman realizing that the car that hit him while he saved Yui’s dog was Yukino’s

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