Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Ep 6

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Now that Yui’s and Hikigaya’s have slapped the reset button for their relationship to start fresh without having to be wrapped up with doubts in the others motive for being around them, it looks like Yukinono’s story is about to start. Ever since Saki brought up her family the last episode Yukinono has been quite on the edge and I’m starting to sense the pattern of her facades.

Seeing her sister and having heard Hikigaya’s impression of her, remarkin that she acts fake, Yukinono had complimented him in a twisted way. I felt this was almost reassuring to her because her family circumstances definitely have a lot to do with who she is today, brutally blunt and sharp all around the edges. On top of that there were many hints last week that she doesn’t actually have a great relationship with her siblings.

Oregairu Ep 6 Img 0011Thanks to wanting to get Yui a gift, Hikigaya was able to see a different side of her. It was a change of pace and environment that really bring it out. I think it also helped that she didn’t have to be too concerned about being seen with Hikigaya and worrying about her reputation and all that jazz. Knowing that Yukinono is a practical person, it wasn’t that much of a surprise for her to suggest that Hikigaya acts as her boyfriend since he was having a hard time and being stared down by the clerks since they are going around to girly shops. It was cute to see her check the plushies out (that was a cute panda-like plushie, I’d get one) and get herself the violet apron with a cat mascot on the edge- very similar to the books (or covers) she has. It was a surprise to see that Yukinono is a bit scared of dogs, but it was funny to see Sable run into Hikigaya’s arms.

Oregairu Ep 6 Img 0028Watching the two girls talking about to very different things within their conversations as it was a misunderstanding on Yui’s end that only Hikigaya was able to pick up right off the bat gave me a headache because it’s almost like information overload since you’re following two different conversations within one. Yukino who is a bit socially awkward was completely oblivious to this and so what she was talking about was referring to her relationship with Yui was misunderstood that she was talking about Hikigaya that all started when she encountered them at the mall. I was relieved and thankful that Hikigaya quickly tackled the matter when he confirmed it in the club room and cleared up the misunderstanding.

Oregairu Ep 6 Img 0036God I am glad that Hikigaya gave Yui a new collar (but honestly I thought it was the leash that was the problem). I am surprised that with the number of times Yui’s dog had gotten loose that she seems to have not replaced the leash and collar- maybe she had with the leash but it was actually the collar that was the root of the problem. *Shrugs*


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