Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Episode 9

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Utapri S2 Ep 9 Img 0014Well I’m glad that they didn’t drag on the whole issue with Cecil returning to his country and wrapped it all up within this episode and surprised me with how well the boys handled Cecil’s brief departure in comparison to Tokiya’s absence to the group last season. It was quite nice to see that they had so much faith in Cecil that he would return since they knew how much he wanted to be part of their group after having sung with them last week. Although Shinning was intially against it (as per usual) since he was concerned it would jeopardize their chance of winning for the Uta Pri aware and even threatened to take away their nomination, after Cecil had made his epic entrance of his return and sang with the group, Shinning then officially added him to the STARISH group.

Utapri S2 Ep 9 Img 0029With that said, there really isn’t that much to discuss about this episode since it was majorly made out of flashbacks and the boys and Haruka talking about how they all have faith in Cecil’s return. However I must say I am super pleased to see that there is finally competition for the group to deal with, that being HEAVENS a trio group- which we have seen on occasions in magazines that the boys and Haruka have been looking at. Either way, we don’t know anything about them or their voice and I can’t help but wonder whether we’ll actually ever hear what HEAVENS group sounds like so that we know who STARISH is up against. With five episodes remaining I am glad that this is what or at least should be the main focus and I do hope that this season will have a clean and proper wrap up without some bullshit drama excuse happening within the last or second to last episode.

Oh and one last thing I wanted to mention: I am sure that I wasn’t the only one who have read some tidbits on the ALL STARS spoilers laughing their ass off when Otoya mentioned that Cecil was like a little brother to him. OH THE IRONY.


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2 Responses

  1. I am still confused, why are we not getting a Tokiya episode again? I feel ripped off.
    This was a good episode though, I am excited to see the rivalry with Heaven. :)

    • Eva says:

      He might get an episode next week or the week after, or none at all- but I actually don’t mind to much because he was the one who got all the development last season. This season with the individual episodes for the boys allowed us to see the other/new side of them and fulfill their character development that they didn’t get last season.

      I too am excited to see how things will unfold with HEAVENS.

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