Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Ep 5: The Best Day of Otoya’s Life

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Utapri S2 Ep 5 Img 0009Today’s focus was on Otoya where we learn a bit about his back story that was never touched in the first season. We learned that his mother had died when he was young and he doesn’t know who his father is. So this…place (I think it’s a Daycare) that Otoya has been secretly visiting is like his home. He is very close to the children and the staff. Haruka found this out by accident after having wounded up lost and saw Otoya with the children, helping them prepare for the upcoming Bazaar and haunted house.

Utapri S2 Ep 5 Img 0025It was undeniably a sweet episode, but it felt so short. I had my share of giggle fits because lets be real here, I can’t be the only one who felt the children had Otoya x Haruka shipper-signature written all over their faces (especially the little girl who kept on going on about Haruka being his girlfriend). Not to mention, it was thanks to the kids that Otoya was able to have the TIME OF HIS LIFE by being by Haruka’s side, holding her in his arms and was actually at the verge of confessing to her until Cecil (OF COURSE) cockblocked him by scaring both of them with his ghost while they were in the bright cute room.

Utapri S2 Ep 5 Img 0003Speaking of Cecil, he definitely surprised me when he ended up being assigned by Shining to take part of a variety show with Otoya where the activity they were doing was able impersonations (while dressed in a neon-green cat mascot- how fitting). It was absolutely hilarious to see Cecil impersonate Shinning because shockingly, he did it so damn well- and he was really into it too. Thanks to that, he was able to gain experience on the job of what kind of things they do in the entrainment industry. He wasn’t sure what to make out, or was certain whether the audience was supposed to life, but I think it struck a cord in his heart and he liked it. With that said, I like that while Cecil is definitely the main guy of the season, they did a great job balancing his appearance and role in both last week’s and this week’s episode.

While Tokiya had what- maybe three to seven lines at most this episode, just with based on his small interactions with Otoya and how he looks at everything now shows how much he has developed. Last season he was all like, “Well you have a lot of time to waste” , “or you should worry about yourself instead of others” etc… all those cold comments. But today he was open and wasn’t annoyed by the fact that instead of taking some time off to help out at a Bazaar that will not necessarily help him grow in the industry. So props to Tokiya! I cannot wait for his episode!

Utapri S2 Ep 5 Img 0023As for Haruka, I kind of like that in comparison to last season, she is far more energetic, vibrant and is just glowing. She isn’t being sucked down by drama so we’re able to see more of her cute and more lovable side of her. I also loved (THANK GOD) that she wasn’t clumsy this episode (because I get real sick of that REAL FAST). People may complain that Haruka is over-exaggerating her fear of the haunted-house because she had seen it made. Let me just counter that complaint by pointing out in my own experience that even when you see the place being put together, IT’S STILL SCARY AS HELL TO GO THROUGH ONCE IT’S DONE.
Also a good point is that they pointed out to us that the main mission is still in gears, and that even though Haruka had composed a handful of songs, Shinning demands her to keep since they need to make a “HIT” aka, a single or album that will dominate the charts for a long time, or have a dominating streaks of singles coming out one after another doing exactly that so that their illumination of stardom will never diminish.

While there aren’t any previews, there is cheat to figure out who will be the focus of the follow week’s episode. Watching watching UTA NO PRINCE LOVE LIVE 1000 2nd STAGE till 3am, (I REGRET NOTHING- if you ever get the chance to buy the DVD or watch it, BE SURE TO! IT’S ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! EXTRA FABULOUS PERFORMANCE!) someone in the chat had pointed out that one way to figure out the order of the boy’s episode is the date their singles are released. So the speculation of this episode being about Otoya was correct, it looks like next week will be about Ren.




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