RDG: Red Data Girl Episode 6: Top Secret Revelation


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Well things certainly just gotten quite serious. The SMF (Souda Mayura Fanclub) isn’t actually that important- it was kind of like a red-herring, what’s important is really is this competition, this rivalry, this trial that Yukimasa had spoken of last episode which have been elaborated for us this week. Mayura had given us a of information from explaining that by joining the student council they are made as the neutral party and are supposed to serve as the judges to explains the top secret details and reward of this competition. Miyuki must have learned about this and by having Izumiko part of the student council committee puts her into the neutral party- which may have been one of the few things he was discussing with Murakami and Kisaragi last week. This is important because this way, especially if she were to be one of the judges- she would not be able to participate in the games (which is what would probably be best in order to help prevent the Himegami from awakening) that will determine the chosen candidate for the World Heritage Collection.

RDG- Red Data Girl Ep 6 Img 0024The student council being part of the judges is a top secret. Another top secret is that that there’s a third area, void of outside influence. This outside influence is most likely connected with the Shugendou monks, and Yukimasa as they will be the ones to make the final ultimate judgement. Speaking of that shady bastard, I wonder if he is aware that Izumiko is part of the Student Council Executive Committee… I imagine that he would or rather will be try pulling strings to ensure that she will participate.

When Mayura was telling Izumiko about what is rewarded to the winner of this trial/competition, she belives that it’d be a great benefit to not only the person selected but for those around them, but in all honestly I’m not too sure about that, the whole matter seems a bit shady… Especially when it appears that the monks are not aware of the potential threat of awakening a particular god, such as the Himegami for example. Now remember we don’t know why she would end up or whether it’s actually true that she will wipe out humanity. I don’t know whether we’ll ever get the reason behind it, but it’s something that has been nagging me in the back of my head lately.

RDG- Red Data Girl Ep 6 Img 0031I am not entirely sure whether Mayura may be mistaking Miyuki for the one who has the power and is underestimating Izumiko without even realizing that she is also major rival the minute the Himegami takes over- ah that reminds me, Mayura had told Izumiko that she knew about her meeting Murakami and Kisaragi. I don’t know how much she knows about it, but perhaps she only saw the glimpse of Izumiko dancing outside or having been invited inside, especially say if Masumi was the one observing from afar and filled her in. That aside, the reason why Mayura wants Izumiko by her side is because she can tell who the homunculi are, which would give her a huge advantage against Takayanagi Ichijou.

RDG- Red Data Girl Ep 6 Img 0019Izumiko supposedly is going to get lost next week as she probably is going to have to run since she can’t defend herself, and I am sure this is where she and Masumi will meet again. There is one thing I am a bit concerned about Izumiko meeting Masumi at Togakushi is that I worry that since Miyuki is pre-occupied trying to fend off Mayura, Masumi might trigger something that will encourage or set off the Himegami’s awakening. I am also a bit wary of what Masumi’s has in mind since the twins have shown to have their own agenda and means. So with that said I am not going to take Masumi’s word that Mayura and Manatsu could not see him, especially if perhaps they were plotting. Miyuki is suspicious that it was plot to gather information from them while visiting the twins’ place. I am not too sure where Manatsu stands in all of this and how much she really supports his sister doing this and her resorts. He cares for her, but I think he knows where to draw the line within these circumstances- but I can’t say for sure since we don’t know that much about his character except that he is really out-going, carefree and loyal.

Last but not least, the Fall Festival. This was mentioned during the meeting so I suspect this will be where the game resumes and I am sure this is when things will start to get intense with the whole Himegami stuff.

There are few more things that I would like to address, but my head isn’t where it needs to be. Ugh stupid cold…

Oh yeah, drunk Izumiko is ridiculously adorable. It appears that during this state she thinks is dreaming as she unconsciously seems to be using her powers as she is able to fly and teleport to different rooms.

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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    “So with that said I am not going to take Masumi’s word that Mayura and Manatsu could not see him, especially if perhaps they were plotting.”

    Hmm? I’m pretty sure he said nobody else EXCEPT for those two could normally see him. That’s what I get out of FFF’s subs and the subs on the Funimation site, anyway.

    In regards to almost everyone underestimating Izumiko, they are misunderstanding the nature of her power. They think she is a medium: someone who allows herself to be possessed by various unhappy spirits in order to let her exorcist (Miyuki, in this case) communicate with them and calm them so they’ll stop causing trouble. As a result, they are not expecting her to have much in the way of power at all. However, we have seen that even when not possessed she clearly has power, probably as a result of the goddess’ presence in her bloodline. And absolutely none of them are expecting her to have a connection to a spirit on the scale of that goddess. They have completely misunderstood Izumiko’s role in the partnership.

    • Eva says:

      //Hmm? I’m pretty sure he said nobody else EXCEPT for those two could normally see him. //
      That’s exactly it. That’s quite advantageous don’t you think if he cannot be sensed or seen by others to spy on them.

      As for underestimating/misunderstanding Izumiko’s powers: Yeah that’s what I feel as well. I couldn’t pin point it though because I wasn’t sure whether it was just me. Good to know I wasn’t the only one who saw it that way.

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