RDG: Red Data Girl Ep 5: Turn of Events

“You must not allow Izumiko to become the Himegami.”
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Oohohohohohohohohoho, this episode was so– what’s the right word to describe it? Snaps fingers Enthralling, it really was. From the beginning to the end of the episode (including the footage after the ED), my eyes were glued to the screen. Can we all take a moment to how well paced it has been? The episodes never feel rushed and the fight! Even though it was short, it took it’s sweet time and it was glorious (but I wouldn’t be surprised if some found it underwhelming). It was so amusing to see just how much of a coward Takayanagi really was while watching and the triplets just smoke him. The best part about it was that the three of them together can be considered as one whole.

Red Data Girl Ep 5 Img 0006So Masumi is their twin brother that died when they were young. I find this bond between the three of them very beautiful because they are still connected even after death. I scoffed when Takayanagi claimed he “knew” that they were being haunted, but it’s far from that. Masumi is their guardian, waiting by their side to be called forth. It was satisfying to watch Masumi slap Takayanagi continuously, but not in like an exaggerated manner- they are small slaps, but there is definitely massive power behind it because you can see his hands cringing.

Red Data Girl Ep 5 Img 0017Miyuki had his ups and downs today. In the beginning he was very open and he and Izumiko were getting along fine until fucking Yukimasa showed up- not only cutting Miyuki off when he was able to explain to Izumiko what SMF (whatever that that is. Hopefully he will get another chance to explain it to us) is but also revealed that he is going to be a part-time teacher and claimed that he (the Knight) arrived and the Page (Miyuki) can basically GTFO now for all he cares. Like Miyuki, I was FURIOUS. I mean it was only a matter of time before this bastard arrived, but I was relishing his absence. It also made me upset because Miyuki decided to once again, severe his ties with Izumiko and the poor girl was heartbroken and whether she realized it or not, she experienced a pang of jealousy since it made her heart ache when she saw that Miyuki was inviting Mayura to join the student council executive committee.

Red Data Girl Ep 5 Img 0041However the turn of events at the end of the episode made up for the bitter mess as Miyuki was warned by another Committee member (who is holding her own suspicious about Izumiko’s secret) about the Shadow Student Council which got Miyuki to get off his ass and to go and ensure Izumiko’s safety and protect her secret. While the Shadow Council was said to have quite an influence, both Izumiko and the Himegami had defied them each with their own reasons. Izumiko defied Murakami by not willing to do the Kagura Dance there. The Himegami on the other hand revealed that the one who shall have authority will be Izumiko, so I wonder how this will play out.

It was interesting to see that what triggered the Himegami to make her appearance was when Izumiko realized that she wanted to tell Miyuki something. Now we don’t know for sure whether Izumiko herself had something she wanted to say to Miyuki or what was in the note she had slipped into his locker. I think this realization was the moment when she finally unsconsciously connected with the Himegami- thus allowed her to take over so that she can pass on the dire message to Miyuki. The Himegami had chosen Miyuki to entrust him a mission to do everything in his power prevent her from awakening since she will be the one to cause mankind to go extinct. (But man Miyuki’s, “OH @$(*!&@$!@$” face when the Himegami took over and shifted her attention to him, saying how she remembered his name and demanded him to take her hand was glorious).

This is a huge revelation. Earlier in the episode Yukimasa was telling us a whole different story about why it’s important for them to be connected with the gods. His story went along explaining the purpose of the school and how they are looking for specific candidates who have talents worthy of protection who can offer guidance for the future generations. Quite frankly it’s like a “The Chosen Ones Reserve” because nowdays there are so few humans who can communicate with the Gods directly and are considered as an ‘Endangered Species’. He told us that once humans lose the ability to directly speak with the Gods, our time on earth will come to an end. Thus it is a project meant to prevent human extinction.

Now with that said, keep in mind the Himegami could have passed her message onto Yukimasa the last time they have met, but no, she didn’t. Instead she has chosen Miyuki to be the knight. If the Himegami is telling the truth, it means that she doesn’t want to cause total destruction and knows that she can trust Miyuki because he himself defies Yukimasa and has a relatively good idea about his propaganda.

But here’s the thing. Who is telling the truth? I think most people like myself believe it’s Yukimasa who’s the bad guy here, and the Himegami is aware of it hence why she said,  “I am not yet within your grasp” back in episode 2. As of right now, she officially decided to leave herself and Izumiko in Miyuki’s hands- in attempt to control the situation by preventing the Himegami from awakening.

Finally, we don’t know exactly what Miyuki and Murakami had discussed while Izumiko was unconscious, but Miyuki had shared something in exchange for Murakami and Kisaragi to keep quiet about her.

Red Data Girl Ep 5 Img 0046The end of the episode was very precious. I am glad that thanks to the Himegami that she pushed Miyuki towards Izumiko again. But now Miyuki is really concerned because he knows that he isn’t powerful and he worries that Izumiko might be putting her hopes on him, but she assured him that she intends to walk on her own (THAT’S MY GIRL!). There is definitely a whole lot more stress on Miyuki’s shoulders since the fate of humanity rests in his hands unless Izumiko herself is able to find a way to prevent it (which admittedly would be badass and symbolic since she wants to stand up on her own).
And of course, I squealed when Miyuki grew flustered and blushed when he finally took notice of Izumiko’s makeup. His eyes were on her lips making it just too cute. Heehee! <3

Oh one more thing: THAT FUCKING RAVEN IS BACK.


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