Oreimo 2 Episode 8: Summer Memories

“Our summer’s at an end, isn’t it?”



I have a feeling that Kirino already knew all along…she didn’t even flinch when Kyousuke made his announcement. Kuroneko probably consulted her beforehand and asked for advice, but it was definitely a far cry from Kyousuke’s own reaction when Kirino told him about Mikagami. I would have thought Kirino would have gotten pissed at the very least – Kyousuke is getting further and further away from her after all, yet she was surprisingly mellow and imouto-like, patching up his wounds and taking care of him. It’s definitely a Kirino I haven’t seen too often.


“I know that name! You’re the older brother of that “bitch” Ruri-nee is always fighting with over the phone, right?”

P094Meanwhile, Kuroneko’s boldly fulfilling all the “fantasies” she’s illustrated in her diary, going through various experiences with Kyousuke as her boyfriend (including all those awkward steps in dating). From going on dates in her new Kamineko outfit (which looked pretty stunning) to a fireworks display and festival at the end of the episode, I’m sure Kyousuke really enjoyed his summer :D Though it was hilarious how they ended up going into a computer store on their first date xD Kyousuke even visited Kuroneko’s house – and met her two imoutos, who are both awesome, awesome people. Especially the older one, Hinata, who cheerfully requested that she call Kyousuke “Bitch onii-san”, and seemed very aware of why Ruri-nee wanted to take a shower while she was alone with Kyousuke :D I’m amazed how much she knows so early on in life…isn’t she like, in elementary school?

Last week I mentioned how Kuroneko’s list of things might eventually run out, and they might hit a roadblock in their relationship – but I didn’t expect her to want to break up with him. It almost seems like breaking up is a logical action for Kuroneko to take next – so I’m wondering how genuine her heartfelt confession and declaration of love was. Perhaps her own friendship with Kirino led to this sort of decision? Kuroneko’s ideal goal (as drawn in her notebook) did depict a happy Kirino and Kyousuke, after all.

PS. I apologize for the lateness of my posts recently, RL hasn’t been too kind to me. I will do my best to get back on top of things ASAP.


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2 Responses

  1. DashXFox says:

    That twist at the end, though it was hinted at a couple times in the episode, really threw me for a loop. I mean, ninety-nine percent of the episode was so uplifting and had such a serene tone to it. Once we got to the end of the fireworks scene and Kuroneko was going to the next step in her book, I honestly thought it was something along the lines of a kiss or something. Nope! As soon as I read the line that she’s going to break up with Kyousuke, my heart just sank and the good feels from the episode just all drained out.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people felt the same way at the end. Even if it was slightly predictable. Thanks for posting this one! Now you’ve got the new episode today, hahaha.

    • Vantage says:

      It definitely felt horrible, but twists like this can be kinda exhilarating at the same time :D All part of the anime experience! Thanks for putting up with my tardiness – I’ve just posted my review on today’s ep.

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