Majestic Prince Episode 6: Early Graduation

Majestic Prince Episode 6 -  (24)

“Fighting the Walgaru isn’t easy, but Earth politics are no laughing matter either.” – First Lieutenant Shirato


After their success of attacking a base of Walgaru, they were able to regain the trust of the people around them once more just like from the first episode. And they, an order came out for the Team Rabbits to graduate ahead of the others and another mission of demonstrating their units in front of all the students.


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I do not trust that chip.

So then, Team Rabbits’ seniors, Team Doberman’s units are actually prototypes of their ASHMB units and they can still fight better than them. Well, to be honest, it would be a really difficult task to fight for students using JURIA Sytem especially if they haven’t mastered it yet. Remember? Episode 1? HAH! They didn’t even know how to deal with the JURIA System and yet they were able to save the almost-abandoned-based and learn about the piloting mechanism till later. Still, nothing beats experience over skills. If you have the skill or potential but still don’t have enough experience, becoming a good pilot is still a long way. This is why Team Doberman exists in this series – to teach Team Rabbits to watch porn before going into battle.

Of course, being a pilot, one should be always to understand their own units and be able to communicate with them simultaneously. Trust and treat them as friends, I guess. But you know, being a pervert that NAME DOBER HERE is, he is still a reliable senpai for the Team Rabbits. Taking down data from previous fights and… I do not trust that chip! Giving advices for them before going into battle and serve as a trustworthy backup during pinch times. And there I was, trying to imagine this show to make both Team Doberman and Team Rabbits to combine powers all the time and TB was sent again back to their academy. You know, after learning about that soldier academy on space, I came to not trust even that academy anymore. I came to not trust anyone except the characters themselves and maybe some important people from MJP. And when they arrived back at the Academy, “Welcome back, Fail Five!”

Majestic Prince Episode 6 -  (39)So it seems that this time, the reason they were sent back to the academy was to give them an early graduation. WTH?! Now what would the other students think about this? If I were the other students and I have to be informed that the, always known and will be known as Fail Five, will be graduating ahead of me, I’d rage. But that’s not my problem anymore. Also, I feel a little bit sad for these five. They don’t get to do as many things that they wanted to do. They just go around, follow orders from MJP as they see fit for them and will only have one episode of vacation on an in-door-weird pool and get hit by a stranger by trying to approach a cute girl just before a mission. The early graduation counts as another thing that was forced upon them. Meh, thinking back on “erasing their memories” before they are sent to the academy, that’s where it all started. Not only that, they are given various responsibilities by doing different missions all the time without even proper training with their ASHMB units. I mean, if they are piloting ASHMB units, they should use ASHMB units on their training or practice, right? And yet they go to simulations using a different unit and etc. I know it adds more battle experience or anything but nothing beats on training using the unit that you are ought to use, right? I don’t get most of this show at all and I just wanted to point out also that those ASHMB units are just toooo pricey. They take a lot of time to do maintenance every after battle and take a lot of time taking off.

Lieutenant Amane is one smart woman we have here and I feel sorry for her since her intelligence is being limited by that old hag (yes, I do not know his name and I don’t even wanna care). She’s practically right, all the people on Earth cares about are the ASHMB and the technology and how they can make use of them for their own benefits but not to counter the Walgaru. I mean, isn’t the main purpose of the ASHMB units is to counter Walgaru army? Politics, I do not know when I will be able to understand that word.

After the early graduation announcement is a demonstration. This was actually a good choice. Good job, thinking this out, Manager! I mean, that could at least lower their reputation as the “Fail Five” because, personally, whenever they pilot their ASHMB units, they get to perform differently. This also adds more trust from the other students to give to them. This could also mean that they were chosen as pilots especially for the ASHMB units. The salute of the students at the ending made me go “D’aawwwwwww” for them. It was too nice.

Majestic Prince Episode 6 -  (45)

Majestic Prince Episode 6 -  (40)This episode was rather less humorous. I expected more hilarious scenes but there was only a few shown than the previous episodes that actually made me move my mouth – I thank Asagi for this. But then, the focus of this episode was rather emotional. Since I just graduated this year, I can still recall the feeling of graduating – which was made fresh by this episode for me.

Next episode seems to be hippy. And I wonder about what Itachi was thinking about before they left Team Doberman during the earlier scenes.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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