Karneval Episode 8: Snow and Yukkin

Karneval Episode 8 -  (15)

“Snow is fun.” – Nai


Hirato was invited by Tsukitachi to do a mission concerning a town full of snow from the precious episode. With the idea, Hirato asked his two fighters to go on a vacation while doing the mission that the First Ship had asked while giving them a thing called Yukkin which is a very warm material to comfort them against the snowy land… under a blizzard! While doing their mission, Yukkin got lost on the way and that triggered the next problem for the episode and ended with Yogi, losing control during their fight with the other two guys who seems to be working with “Uro-san”.


Karneval Episode 8 -  (3)

This smile is a sign of misfortune.

I can’t believe Hirato is such a strict kind of captain who’s very keen when it comes to small details especially concerning his own ship. I mean, he even has to read reports concerning the play and the parade then scold Yogi and Tsukumo. But does he also mean the weird nature of the play where they tried to save Tsukumo from drowning? That was a must though. But you know, his smile is always the most rewarding thing ever given to every viewer. From now on, “Have a break” coming from Hirato, is something I couldn’t trust my whole life and that icy cold town is not going to be considered a ‘reward’ in my case. Ever. Those words seem dangerous. Knowing him, I do believe he wouldn’t accept that invitation from Tsukitachi. But I am really bothered on how Yogi and Nai had gotten their own color signature by tagging along with the Circus members. Those coats are a must have. Tsukumo is ever cute, by the way and I can’t believe she’s older than Gareki! Still, that doesn’t change the fact that she is, and always will be, cute.

The Design Team of the Research Tower – I want to see them myself! I want to know what kind of other things these guys can do except for some rabbit with defense system and some snowman that are cute and warm! And how creative of them to their designs and their own functions and where to they get their ideas to create such inventions!

Karneval Episode 8 -  (13)I believe Hirato doesn’t want to kill Nai too. I mean, he only said that to the higher ups in order to give them reassurance that what they are permitting Nai to do while he and Gareki are still under their care are for monitoring reasons and nothing could go wrong. Hirato is Second Ship’s Captain and I believe he had earned enough trust from the higher ups in his current position and plus, I don’t think he is that low to actually kill Nai – which is a rare specimen for everybody else. Nai could cost a lot too. I would be more than willing on adopting him and maybe auction him… or something. I could earn a fortune! And… he can trip in the snow with less effort! Such talent! And don’t tell me that snow is fun because I haven’t experienced one and I want to experience one. So, shut up!

Karneval Episode 8 -  (25)And this episode was all about the new thing that the Research Tower had invented to keep you warm on a blizzard! Yukkin went missing! Oh how tragic! Don’t worry, Yogi, there’s always Nai and Gareki to help you out during this crisis. Oh how my sarcasm is so awesome today. This should always happen. And we get to see two weirdos and both have blue and red hair respectively and reminded me so much of Gurren Laggan. So, our main character continued their journey to search for Yukkin in a man-made cave within a place topped by snow and currently experiencing huge blizzard and left Tsukumo behind. They left a girl behind. A girl. The nerve. Of course, with something the same with their situation, I think it’s time for the “IT’S A TRAP!” trend line to come in but too late – Yogi opened the door and he went crazy as shit. That made my day. Yogi and his fears are just too awesome to ignore.

See! Even the enemies think that their coats are just simply amazing! A limited edition at that! I want one too!!! But with my country’s current situation, needing a coat like that would be stupid.

Karneval Episode 8 -  (33)

The episode ended with another cliffhanger after another not-so-cool fight – with Yogi’s power on the loose. I guess those bands on his cheek are some kind of a seal? We’ll be able to find out more about that scene on the next episode.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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