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Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 7 Img 0008NOOOOO! AINA DID DIE NOOOOOO!!!!! NOOOOOO! NOOOO! NO NO NO NO NO NO! ;A; I HAD SUCH A BAD FEELING THAT SHE WAS GOING TO DIE TODAY AND OH MY GOD MY HEART. MY POOR HEART! *GROSS SOBBING* SHE WASN’T A MAJOR CHARACTER OR ANYTHING, BUT SOBS SHE WILL BE MISSED. She was the first one to look at VALRAVE’s powers in positive light, and described it as a ‘Holy Spirit’ instead of a ‘Monster’. It made Haruto feels a lot better about himself since it has been something that he is still dealing with. I don’t know how Kyuuma is going to cope with Aina’s death, I hope he copes it better than Haruto initially did when he had thought Shouko was killed. *SOBS* I shipped them too…

There was an interesting start this episode giving us a brief 200 years time jump (Year 214 of the Third Galactic Reich). We see Saki fighting against someone (I couldn’t read the unit’s emblem) looking majestic as ever and the VALVRAVES by then are considered relics and also had earned the name of the Golden Seven (given they go golden when they reach 666 mode.) But that was it.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 7 Img 0016It is really difficult to see which side L-Elf stands in all of this. I think at this point, since he made no attempts to clear his name as a traitor and straight up told A-Drei that he is no longer his right-hand man as he now has his own (Haruto), I believe he is going along with his own agenda/mission- thus making him an individual part is the middle of this mess. He actually confronted Shouko and handed her a document to read over about “Plans for the Military Development and Territorial Expansion of New JIOR” which she of course rejects. Knowing she would do that L-Elf takes control of the school thanks to his traps and announces that he is making this a military conscription. Yet having said that, he had given Haruto specific instructions after he told him that they’ll take a risk of Haruto possessing his body while attempting to pilot VALVRAVE (which succeeded without a hitch) that spared his former Dorrisian comrades and only focused on taking away their tools and weapons.

This may be strange, but I think it is actually a good thing that L-Elf is taking over the school in a sense of it partially takes away the burden of responsibility of actions that Shouko had to deal with since she had announced their independence. With the inner party conflict brewing within the school between Haruto’s gang and the Student Council, it’s probably better to leave that in L-Elf’s hands since he is more familiar with military and he won’t let the Student Council do whatever the fuck they like- of course this all varies on how he intends to carry things out by working on recruiting pilots and such in order to strengthen their military. Whether they like it or not, even though their module is now an independent state, they are in the middle of war and they do need to find a way to survive as the Dorrisian army has no intentions of backing off- especially since they have the VALVRAVES and are quickly adapting to their new technology and finding new ways to deal with them such as the magnet attachment boomerangs that basically paralyzes the mobile suits. Since that worked like a charm, without a doubt they are going to upgrade that as much as they can as well as its scale and range of effect.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 7 Img 0048By the end of the episode, thanks to L-Elf offering his ‘shell’ as a substitute for Haruto since his own body was terribly wounded and trapped under a fallen beam, we actually were able to see L-Elf’s more ‘human’ side for the very first time. When Haruto had found a picture of Licht (Light) in L-Elf’s pocket, L-Elf’s body in response started crying. There is some sort of emotional attachment/bond to this girl who is I believe to be Dorrisian’s princess. We don’t know of her role nor of her relationship with L-Elf, but it’s clear they’ve known each other for a long while as that is quite a young picture of her compared to how we see her in the ED. I would totally dig a forbidden love scenario between the two, or perhaps L-Elf’s revolution he speaks of is part of serving her ideals or is all for her sake.

Finally last but not least, in the beginning of the episode we saw that A-Drei had found a laboratory that appeared to contain failed prototypes skeletons of the VALRAVE under Colonel Cain’s request. Once Cain gets his hands on these images from A-Drei, I imagine there will be a game changer since he seems to know more about the VALVRAVE than one would think.

With the development and heartbreaks aside, there were little quirks that I really enjoyed this episode. The first being Shouko’s what-appeared-to-be inedible cooking which turned out to be delicious, a friendship developing between Shouko and Saki despite the fact they are love rivals, L-Elf not killing anyone- just tying them up or knocking them out. Then Thunder being the awesome guy he is, climbing up to the third floor- pity that he got bested again by L-Elf. Someday he’ll have his moment to shine.



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2 Responses

  1. Cely_belly says:

    Speaking of Aina dying, I find this show to be pretty random and ridiculous to some degree, so bringing Aina back to life could be just as easy as 1,2,3…A “get in the fucking robot” scene just might do the trick and that vampire/zombie virus might get the job done. At least, I don’t think bringing her back to life would be the least bit unfitting for this series.

    • Eva says:

      I highly doubt they’ll bring her back- she isn’t in a main character and we actually saw her dead body in comparison to Shouko who had only ‘disappeared’ after the blast as result ‘implied’ that she was annihilated on the spot and later revealed that she was well alive. On top of that, we’re at episode 7, and if she actually had an important role, then we would have seen it by now, and I am assuming that she has already fulfilled her purpose by telling Haruto that she considers the VALVRAVE’s powers/abilities as a Holy Spirit bestowed by God instead of describing it as a ‘Monster’.

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