Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 5: Blackout and Catfights


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4 Responses

  1. Noein says:

    saki does not give a good feeling, she and L-elf can be allies Mmmmmmmm, boring episode

  2. Vantage says:

    Conflicts with Space Nazis suddenly became “Valvrave the Musical” o.O Though Saki is putting up a proper fight. It was painfully obvious that these sorts of internal issues would turn up once everyone realized how idealistic Shouko was being, but no-one had the right to pin the blame on her after they all cheered when she declared independence.

    Needed more L-Elf :D

  3. cloud8100 says:

    Hoping they were just different skins for the Valvrave. Curious as to what L-Elf has planned…

  4. Amuro0093 says:

    If it’s true that another Valvrave unit is designed and created by the protagonist’s father. I guess we all should be thankful to Tem Ray (Amuro Ray’s father) from Mobile Suit Gundam for filling that role.

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