Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 81: Encounter with Chimera Ant soldier

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 81 (34)

“Whether we win or lose, hell lies ahead of us.” – Kite


With the search going on, Kite’s party met up with one of the Chimera Ant Soldier. Gon and Killua were given the opportunity to fight against the said soldier but failed to make it unconscious and at the same time, the soldier cursed the two young kids with full force. Knowing this and the danger, they still insisted to go along with Kite and to improve their own skills in the process.

Meanwhile, the Chimera Ant Army are trying to earn more knowledge concerning the rare humans that they just recently learned about.


I guess it’s true that the people of NGL doesn’t really care about anything that had a sudden huge change around them concerning nature since even though there’s a huge ant colony that was created in the center of a forest, they still didn’t think it was abnormal. Well, getting close to that thing will also cause more danger anyway so I guess it is best to either get away from it or just ignore it. The thing is – none of the NGL people has any knowledge of what’s happening around them. It’s okay. Kite, Gon and Killua is there to save the day!

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 81 (8)

I still think that this guy is far weirder than any other weirdness I’ve seen in this show so far.

The Queen Chimera Ant, as days go by, became more demanding. When I mean demanding, she issued an order to have 100 humans a day instead of her order from the previous episodes for a 50 humans a day. I don’t know if she so eager to eat more nutrition for her King or she’s just getting hungrier and greedier by the day. And so the Ant Army are having trouble coming up with a good plan to reach the daily quota for the Queen and… well, they manage to gain more knowledge about human with special abilities – which is a good food for their Queen, as they believe. Does this mean that Nen is equivalent to nutrition? That’s kind of off to hear. Although yes, the hunters are rare humans – that is quite right. With Rammot acting wild, this also means that the Chimera Ants gets really addicted to the first thing they eat? I mean, it’s the kind that the first thing they find happiness from will become an addiction to them? Still with their current state, I guess it couldn’t be helped but to be surprised by what these Chimera Ants can do.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 81 (29)They can sense presence of people who have Nen abilities, can conceal their presence at the same time and do some morning ritual using horses, stuck on a leafless tree. But because of Rammot, Kite showed us a little fanservice that made me think he’s even sexier with rage. With that fight against Rammot, Gon and Killua still manage to do some tests with their Nen abilities and at the same time, Colt was able to obtain information concerning the so-called rare humans that they were talking about earlier. And as Kite said, they will have to face more of those Chimera Ant Soldiers just like Rammot and they had some trouble with one. Now, what will happen if there’s a bunch of them and added by the Chimera Ant King, it would be an awesome fight to look forward to!

The internal conflict with the Chimera Ant’s Army would be a crucial point of this arc. I mean it would be big trouble if they all would just agree with one another and attack our main characters all at once. But of course, I still have hopes for Colt. His human side has some remaining unconscious memories especially concerning the human’s little sister. It would be nice if he can live throughout but I think this is impossible.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 81 (37)

Kite’s party reached the abandoned (not really but now it is since it was overtaken) hidden factory that was established by the underground people of NGL. More action plx.

PS: I do not like how Killua’s sleeve gotten long after that fight at 15:05.

Other Note: Have you watched Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge Movie? It was awesome in the sense of animation although I was a little disappointed since I was expecting more screen time for the Phantom Rouge members but all there was is just the story of Kurapika and his childhood best friend. Also, the puppeteer as the main antagonist of the show. It was nice though. Worth the watch.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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