Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 7

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Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 7 Img 0002It feels like the romantic aspect of this show might be starting on Emilia’s side. While no, she is definitely not in love with Maou, (one may think otherwise with all of her stalking) she is definitely starting to be pulled into the whole romantic mess. With Suzuno, a new girl whom had moved in next door to Maou’s quickly appealing to them as a reliable neighbor and have given Maou a heart-shaped lunch, Chido is freaking out and calls her up. In the mean time Emilia had also been warned and have been attacked by an assassin who wields a scythe as well possesses the ability to nullify her Sacred Powers that she has just been replenishing thanks to Emerada’s Magic Dose Vitamin A BETA. Now about that Magic Dose… someone is going to break the rules about how often they are supposed to take the dosage, because why else would it be mentioned in the first place? Considering the circumstances, if say- as result of the nullification, it seals or doesn’t allow her to use her powers, Emilia might find herself in a desperate situation and bring/drink a whole stock on her to prevent herself from wounding up defenseless. However we do not know of the consequences of dealing with an overdose. It could either interfere with her using her sacred powers, or it could even possibly make it go haywire, which I have to admit, I would like to see- ahahahaha!

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 7 Img 0026I am not 100% sure whether it’s Suzuno who was the one who had attacked Emilia, but I have my doubts. The reason is that Suzuno had (I believe) misunderstood her advice (that was referring to romance and not about Maou being the Satan Lord) and she was happy that Emilia agreed to give her assistance.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 7 Img 0013Suzuno is definitely a mysterious one. We didn’t learn anything in particular about her or her powers for the matter (except for the fact she is very strong, can lift weight and had fought many battles). All we know for certain is that she is probably that High Cleric who was speaking with the church, trying to decide whether they need to get rid of Emilia or not. I’m not in any particular rush to learn about her, but I am curious to see a confirmation that this is all part of her plan of appealing to Maou and get closer to deal, or perhaps she does harbor a little crush (after all, while Maou may be oblivious to gestures hinting romantic affections, he is a gentleman). Ah speaking of being a gentleman, poor guy- he really doesn’t have that much luck with the girls. After having caught Emilia from falling down the stairs (the poor girl can’t descend those stairs for the her life) all he got in return was a punch in the face. Then when he opened up his lunchbox that Suzuno had given him, Chido goes into Possessive-Yet-To-Be-His-Girlfriend-Mode and shakes the life out of him and has a panic attack when she saw the heartshape lunch.

Poor Alsiel is dealing with a heatstroke, so that leaves to Lucificer learning how to manage the housework with Suzuno’s help. Admittedly it was cute to watch, and I do hope to see more interaction between the three of them in particular.

Oh and last but not least: All the awards to the clerk who managed to save Emilia when she was cornered just by throwing oranges or something at the foe. /CACKLES What a save!

Next week someone else will either cover Episode 8 for me since I will be away with limited internet access. This applies to DATE A LIVE and Kakumeiki Valvrave as well. If nobody has time however, these entries will only be posted on Monday and/or Tuesday.


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  1. Earthling says:

    Not oranges. Those are self-defense paint balls for marking aggressors and are a common utility for shopkeepers in Japan. They are 1) Extremely difficult to get rid of from your skin/clothes 2) STINK like rotten cheese 3) Don’t let it get into your eyes!

    Hail mundane human technology! It can efficiently drive magical robbers away!

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