Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 6

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Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 6 Img 0029Man, Lucifer (now called Urushihara) turned out to be quite a spoiled since he’s staying home, was given a computer and internet and is a major online-shopaholic and have been spending their money without doing any jobs of his own. It’s quite funny how everything is turning out because you have Alsiel who is like the ‘Mom’, Maou being the ‘Dad’ and Lucificer being their ‘kid’, such a cute family. It was hilarious though how Lucifer had ended up sending them on their way to investigate about the ‘Forbidden Classroom’ with an ulterior motive of hoping they’d find his PAVita since that is where he and Olba had arrived through the gates. I am surprised that Alsiel didn’t bother selling it in the end since he is all about saving money.
However Lucifer have proven to be quite skilled when it comes down to hacking systems.

Maou surprised us with being quite spooked out when it comes down to the Seven Mysteries, in particular the last one about receiving a call on their cellphone where as then their soul would be taken. His poor heart was startled three times, twice by Lucificer’s calls and once by Emilia.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 6 Img 0025It was hilarious to see Emilia be left behind and pursue after them and then took down an anatomy mannequin- destroying it into pieces. Oh and Emilia looks lovely with her hair pulled back!

Chido showed us that she is not one of those typical girls who are afraid of Spooky Tales, and was really excited and happy to be able to help Maou and Alsiel out investigate the ‘Forbidden Classroom’. It was was funny to see Alsiel and Maou look at Chido with the “Judging you” expression when she initially said that it’d be fine if they keep it a secret before covering it up by saying she was kidding.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 6 Img 0002So the cray cray Church had announced to the public that Emilia had died, but now that they know that she, Albert and Emerada are still alive, a new mysterious character in the violet cloak (a High Cleric apparently) is asked whether she would decide to eliminate Emilia or not if she were in their position. We don’t know of her response, but I suppose we’ll find out next week as she has fallen into the arms of our beloved Satan Lord. I wonder if she’ll be another girl to fall for Maou- somehow I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it turns out to be the case- OR, this is all part of her plan (I certainly wouldn’t mind that either ohohohohoho).

Overall the episode was okay. It’s still enjoyable but it was quite mellow for most part. The poor boys, they have been scarred by the photo of their land lady in a bikini. It amused me that Alsiel planned to use it as tool to fuel their magic since they feed off negative energy/when people are frightened.


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4 Responses

  1. Passerby says:

    Correction The Royal Magician the mention should be Emerada.
    The violet cloak is a High Cleric/ Inquisitor.

  2. Earthling says:

    I cracked up when the three slipped away from Emi and substituted themselves with statues… of the same gender as themselves!

  3. Wanderer_YS says:

    The photo was almost used as an anti-ghost charm lol.

    It will be funny if the photo gets mass-photocopied and shipped to Ente Isla and used as a weapon to wipe out the demon population.

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