Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 5: Mr. Nice Guy is here to KICK YOUR ASS!


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3 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    Considering her comrades revealed that the entire Church is evil and not just Orba, I think it’s likely that Emi’s village wasn’t attacked by demons. After all, what better way to make a hero who is fully committed to the cause than the death of a loved one?

    • Eva says:

      Ah crap I actually missed that point (thank you for pointing that out!), that just changed everything about Maou’s situation. Yeah exactly, smells like it was all set up. Which is great because that would also explain Maou’s uneasy expression because perhaps he knew exactly what was going on and that it was the Church’s doing.

      =w= There we go, updated it.

  2. Wanderer_YS says:

    “A half-angel, Satan Lord, Demons, Fallen Angel Lucifer and magic and” a baldy hungry for power XDDDDD.

    Btw, Maou’s feet looks pretty much like hooves in this episode. I guess this guess from last ep can cease now.

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