Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 5: Mr. Nice Guy is here to KICK YOUR ASS!

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 5 Img 0035
“But I’m Mr. Nice Guy!”


Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 5 Img 0028Woot! This was such a fantastic episode! I wasn’t expecting them to actually fight, I figured it would be interrupted but I am glad that they did! It was so much fun to watch, and seeing all three of them, Maou, Emilia and Alsiel using their powers was a great feeling. I especially love Emilia’s and Alsiel tag-team, something I have been unconsciously wanting to see, so I was really pleased.

I don’t remember if I ever mentioned that I did have my suspicions about the the archbishops Orba betraying Emilia and it turns out that he did by teaming up with Lucifer whom Emilia had once had killed. Poor Emilia was quite stunned and got really emotional about it but Maou made a fool out of Orba but interrupting what would have been his “grand” speech and basically summarized it.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 5 Img 0020It was really funny to watch the in-between bickering between the three of them while they were fighting. One of my favorites was when Maou even said, “PRETTY PLEASE” and Emilia just brushed him off. It was also hilarious to see Maou get hit by the attack that Emilia had dodged. Then there was when Alsiel started arguing with Maou about the whole spending money on movies and were completely ignoring the two of them. Sadly it was interrupted by Lucifer who shot him down following Maou was quite gravely wounded and if he were human- he’d be long dead by now. He was fortunate to have just enough magic to teleport all three of them to a populated area where he took advantage of Lucifer terrorizing the people and absorbs their negative emotions which fuels his magic (hence why he was able to take on his true form during the mall incident).

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 5 Img 0034Lucifer is very powerful and psychotic when he wants to be, but once Maou is overflowing with power while in his true form and is right in his face- all that haughty confidence just vanishes like thin air. It shows that Maou does and can have authority over him when he wants to because that guy is too intimidated to even dare defying him. And boy, Maou beaten him to pulp REAL good. I burst into a fit of laughter seeing how intense his power was going to be. He had a damn good reason to be that scared.

So it turns out that it wasn’t just Orba, but the entire church is all nuts. This changes the entire base of the purpose of the war between humans and the demons. There is definitely a possibility that the Church created a set up to force Emilia onto the path of Heroism for the sake of being used as a tool to defeat the Demons and Satan Lord for once and for all. Orda had also mentioned that he at the very least, planned to get rid of her once the job was done so that she would not be the one in power. It’s very easy to for the Church to make themselves look like the ‘Good Guys’, especially if they were the ones to secretly initiate the attack against the Demons by baiting and framing them to be the ones responsible for starting this whole war between the two.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 5 Img 0025Throughout this episode Maou continued to show Emilia that in this world, his priority is to do his job at McRonalds and be Employee of the Month. He also willingly used his power to protect the people and restore the areas that were damaged by Lucifer’s attacks, even if it meant draining most of his magic that he could have used to return home. It really says a lot and when you look back at how he reacted to Emilia’s emotional breakdown about what had happened to her father, when I originally suspected perhaps he felt guilt for not having controlled Lucifer properly- I think we can safely brush that theory aside because he most certainly can. I think it might have to do with perhaps knowing the actual story behind the war between the two races. By knowing that it was the Church who were actually the bad guys and decided to go into a full out battle in order to not only protect themselves (because Maou has shown us from time and time again that he cares for his comrades) but take advantage of the situation and turn it into a mission for conquest.


Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 5 Img 0027It was great to see Emilia in her Sacred Form. It’s a pity that we didn’t get to see her in her complete armor since she looks absolutely stellar in it. There were a few times when I thought perhaps she would release her wings (treating the the angelic feather from last week as her cue), but sadly it didn’t happen. I was amused to see one of her attacks as “Heavenly Flames”, I am pretty sure I heard of that move in Shakugan no Shana– and who cares, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 5 Img 0037As for Chiho, she isn’t bothered at all about the group being out of her world. A half-angel, Satan Lord, Demons, Fallen Angel Lucifer and magic and all, she embraced this pretty damn well and wasn’t frightened or overeacted at all. She still treated them the same- as I suspected she would because that’s the kind of girl she is. I am looking forward to her and Emilia bonding since now the our dear hero made it VERY CLEAR what type of ‘relationship’ she and Maou has (enemies). Of course it is a matter of time whether she will fall in with him or not- ohohohoho…

Hataraku Maou-sama! Ep 5 Img 0044We finally got the official opening sequence (I think, it sure looks like it), it is absolutely gorgeous. What I loved about it is that both Maou and Emilia had the exact same blunder and Alsiel is just flawless as ever. I suppose that while Emerada and Albert are already heading back to their world, they will show up again on occasions. I would really like to learn more about them. They are an interesting duo (poor Albert gets Gate-Sick). Oh and I was pleased to see that they didn’t abruptly attack Maou and Alsiel, instead they were pretty cool about it and even went with Emilia to crash at their place for a bit. I honestly thought they’d be on guard, but I am still satisfied with how it turned out. Actually you know what, it was that the events I didn’t expect to happen that ended up happening is what made this episode so enjoyable! I am really looking forward to next week. Vantage joked to me earlier today that perhaps Lucifer will be a paper-boy. By the look of the preview he just might end up being ordered to get a job of some sort.


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3 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    Considering her comrades revealed that the entire Church is evil and not just Orba, I think it’s likely that Emi’s village wasn’t attacked by demons. After all, what better way to make a hero who is fully committed to the cause than the death of a loved one?

    • Eva says:

      Ah crap I actually missed that point (thank you for pointing that out!), that just changed everything about Maou’s situation. Yeah exactly, smells like it was all set up. Which is great because that would also explain Maou’s uneasy expression because perhaps he knew exactly what was going on and that it was the Church’s doing.

      =w= There we go, updated it.

  2. Wanderer_YS says:

    “A half-angel, Satan Lord, Demons, Fallen Angel Lucifer and magic and” a baldy hungry for power XDDDDD.

    Btw, Maou’s feet looks pretty much like hooves in this episode. I guess this guess from last ep can cease now.

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