Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 8: Wednesday of Transformations – II


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3 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    Alcor is the 8th Septentrione.The forgotten one in the current era since he’s no longer counted amongst them. Alcor was created to be a weapon and not a sentient being. So he would naturally be unable to decide whether to serve his master fully. He’s helped humanity out plenty, Hibiki just fails to understand.

    Polaris is “God” and not a Septentrione, but calling him a God doesn’t quite describe him either. Just like Septentriones are not Gods or demonss, the same applies to Polaris.

  2. axlfox says:

    You should try playing the game before jumping into conclusions, Polaris is not a Septentrion and in the game, he’s the final boss regardless of which path the player decides to take.

    • Chris says:

      Woah, woah, woah, I was merely reviewing from an anime only viewers perspective and by including such details (like the ones you listed above) I would spoil A. the whole experience for the other anime only viewers and B. take away from the whole ‘not knowing what’s coming next’ feel that is generally associated with the survival genre of anime. By telling any readers who the final battle will be with, what they are and how they tie into the story would be an injustice.

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