Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 5: Tuesday of Turbulence – I


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4 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    There’s five septentriones left. Merak and Dubhe already died. Also that isn’t makeup, those are Alcor’s eyebrows/eyelashes. They’re really weird to look at. I agree this episode was better than last weeks.

    Daichi awesome moment was ruined in the anime. Where he tried to protect his friends like in the game by charging the truck at Dubhe. They ruined it by not having Dubhe attempt to explode at the same time he hits it, causing its attack to backfire and its body to be severely damaged as a result.

    • Chris says:

      My bad! I read somewhere that there were nine Septentriones is total and so 9-2=7 so… yeah, I’m not a complete failure at math :D And now that I know they’re his eyelashes I shall never be able to look at him in the same way again (without feeling uncomfortable, that it).

      And yeah, I felt as though Daichi’s ‘awesome moment’ lacked the awesome feeling that the game gave it. To be honest though I thought that that moment in particular would translate well into anime, but I guess I was wrong… my bad…

      • TheVoid says:

        I figured it would translate well into the anime as well. Your source isn’t completely wrong. There is a extra Septentrione, but it’s just one. I think I know who the Ninth member is, but it’s not a Septentrione. Its associated with them though.

        • Chris says:

          Ah! Well thank you for clearing that up. I guess all will be revealed ;)

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