Anime Boston 2013: Overall Thoughts + Some Exclusive Tidbits


My name is Eva, I've been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005. I am a passionate writer, so it's a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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11 Responses

  1. K-AL says:

    I think what you mean is an “alpaca” or Arpakasso…? (I could be wrong.)

    • Eva says:

      Either that, or another name entirely because I did hear that there was another name but I have no idea. XDDDD

  2. Seto Ketchum says:


    Thank you so much!!!!!! Will you please share my cosplay page so people will let me host stuff at more cons?!


  3. Noc says:

    Well, I didn’t go to Anime Boston (as I pretty much refuse to leave the country unless it’s for a family trip lol) but I did go to Anime North! For the first time I went for all three days with my bestest anime pals and had a pretty great time overall. The only major downsides for me were that there were no panels that really caught our interest (so many sex related ones and how-to’s on dating, oh my! I don’t think I like having my sex life forcibly linked to a time for hobbies and fun like that), and the crappy weather. I was cosplaying as Morgianna from Magi in her slave attire, super proud of my shackles and everything, and yet I had to skip out on wearing the costume on Saturday because it was just too damn windy.

    I must say that the new scanning method of handling pre-registration orders worked splendidly- me and my friends got into the con in a flash!

    I’m super excited to hear that the Chihayafuru manga might be getting licensed in the west! I’m an avid fan of both the manga and the anime, so I’ll definitely buy the books if they do get released (I wonder how they’ll handle the card readings though? And if they dare to make the poems rhyme…I will not be pleased D=<). I didn't end up buying any DVDs this year though, because a lot of my favorite shows (such as Phi Brain) have second/third seasons that I'm waiting to be released still. I just like buying things as a box set. I was totally ready to buy the entirety of Sengoku Basara, but I could only find it in Blu-Ray and all I have is a DVD player!! That was upsetting.

    Awesome pictures! I don't really care for taking any myself, kinda lazy like that, but its nice seeing the outfits that appeared at AB. I also didn't see as many cosplayers this year (the largest number of them appeared on Sunday at AN), but that might have been due to the weather as was the case with me. Hopefully next year will be nice and warm!

  4. If it helps with the cosplot? Aizen wasn’t actually part of the ‘living’ side. With certain events, including last year’s cosplot, he’s doing everything for his own purposes and doing what benefits his plans. This was just his first year of having Cosplay Chess being his, and the other guys trying to stop that and put it a little more right.

    • Oki says:

      Ah okay, I was following what he said in Chess so there’s that. I actually just realized this year Cosplay Dating Game was a storyline event, so I’ll be going next year and it might help straighten some things out.

  5. Hey there! Sorry to hear that you thought we dropped the ball on Aizen… I am the Cosplay Chess Coordinator, so that decision was ultimately mine. Feel free to pin all the blame on me, as Saber I assure you I can take it. ;) I’m used to shouldering the burdens of my subjects, after all.
    In all seriousness Aizen was needed for bigger, more devious affairs. DEVIOUS I SAY!

    • Oki says:

      No worries, I will be back next year to see what devious revelations he has. I also met you when I was back stage in a Masq skit and you were really good and on the ball, so you didn’t really do anything else wrong at all- I was just being a SUPER CRAZY NERD. Also, it’s my gimmick to yell alot. I hope next year Kyubey gets revenge on Aizen for merely being thrown off stage last year. Don’t worry though, I really enjoyed the con and will be attending again for the awesome cosplot, Aizen suddenly becoming a cat girl who’s alive or no.

  6. Ficus says:

    Hello there, a friend linked me this article and I would love to clarift some points in case you want to come to AB again. 1) There is an official photoshoot schedule on a big board hanging outside Masquerade HQ (room 101) all weekend. It is advertised in the forums, and people that walk by the first floor hallway usually manage to find it. It is also next to the cosplay repair station.
    Aizen was also too busy running the convention this year to play a silly game of chess, and so could only pop in from time to time during the game. Alucard has had a history of killing many characters, and controlling the undead for a few years, so he was put in charge of a team he was partially responsible for creating.

    • Oki says:

      I really love Alucard. Just putting it out there, his masacre during Chess pretty much made the event for me. Also Ash going “I’m 10 what do you want from me?!” My Aizen critique is more of a nitpicky reminder, I’m not actually furious, it’s more or less my gimmick on this site to get angry and capslock at everything. Oh shit I forgot to keysmash FHDLKJGHKJGHSDLKJFHSJKLFHSDKLJH

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