Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 4

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Can I just say how much I am loving the simplicity of this show? I am pretty sure I’ve said it before, but I had to say it again. I love the kick offs with Haichiman talking with Hiratsuka about his response on the papers and how today he mentioned that it would be more efficient to be a “Stay-At-Home-Husband”. That gave me a good laugh because we know that Haichiman is dead serious about it.

Oregairu Ep 4 Img 0001We also finally got the back story of the accident (which is a great timing because that really follows up to what I was talking about back in episode 2). It was brief, but it said a lot (and I think the dog’s own might be Yui)- and feel for Haichiman having to deal with his bratty sister. *PATPAT* Feel for you man. How obnoxious of her to eat the sweets that were meant for him in gratitude of saving the dog. Ugh already can’t stand her.

Today it was Hayama came to the Volunteer Club requesting assistance to help cheer up the class since there has been a bitter text-chain-mail going around. However Yukino decides it would be best to investigate on the matter and search for suspects who could be the culprit.

Oregairu Ep 4 Img 0016I was honestly suspicious of Hayama because not only he didn’t want to hunt down the culprit but also because I thought, “God it really sounds like he wants to be the center of attention and loved for his charisma to get the class out of the bitter chain-mail slump.” Because seriously, like- really? Who does that? Haichi, I feel the exact same way as you.

Because Yukino isn’t in their class, she couldn’t be very helpful for gathering evidence or clues so it the investigation was left in both Yui’s and Haichi’s hands. However Yui failed EPICALLY when she thought that gossiping girl-talk would do the trick, only to have it backfire with Yumiko having a 360 personality switch of, “EHHH WE DON’T DO THAT” I also found that to be suspicious considering how mean we have seen this girl be. If anything she probably does gossip, just not with Yui (because I figure she is like that).Oregairu Ep 4 Img 0031 So it all comes down to Haichi, who in the end was the one to be the problem solver.

While he didn’t figure out who was behind the chain-mail his observation skills allowed him to point out to Hayama that the three guys he hangs out with may be friends with him, but not with each other. So in order to even out the tensions within their group of four, Haichiman had suggested to Hayama to voluntarily step out. Funny enough, Haichiman ended up finding himself a group for their class trip quite easily by teaming up with Hayama and Saika. This will definitely be an interesting trip. I hope they will include it, because I would LOVE to see the three interact more with each other.

Oregairu Ep 4 Img 0035Speaking of Saika goodness, he is ADORABLE. Before you know it Haichiman is going to going to be completely head over heels for him. Actually I think I ship it… *nods* Yes, I definitely ship it. They are too precious together. I wonder if Haichiman is going to resume calling Saika by his first name, I figure it might since he has already gotten permission to do so. While he may not associate being ‘friends’ with him yet, I think they are already friends in a way.

Oregairu Ep 4 Img 0039Finally last but not least, a new character has made their appearance at the end of the episode. I’m not sure if that’s a cellphone they are holding, but if it is… considering their reaction to the class being all hyped up while standing outside of the classroom about to open the door and then walking away sounds like they feel like they are being left out.


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