Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Ep 1 [First Impression]


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2 Responses

  1. BNV says:

    What brought down the atmosphere for me wasn’t the anime’s pacing and mood but the unpleasant, cold MC female lead’s talking. Especially when she called the MC male lead disgusting and creepy, she comes off very much kuudere and annoying which bored me.
    Hikki’s a more interesting, likable character and while he has a despondent persona, I like that he’s willingly to bulls**t on things but act nice too. When he ate the big breast girl’s cookies, I couldn’t help but smiled that Hikki was still a boy just happy to get something from a girl.

    “it annoys me that Hachiman will probably end up with her”
    I wouldn’t want Hikki to be with the MC female either but it is a romcom… I think? This anime didn’t came off romcom rather than slice of life but I’ll stick around to see what this anime can do. Oreshura was fanservice but maybe this one can leave me with an interesting MC male lead to follow. As far as big boob girl… she has big boobs. Though, she looks cuter than the childhood friend dead meat from Oreshura.

    • Chris says:

      Hikki (in my opinion) is a breath of fresh air, he’s snarky and sarcastic and it’s great to see a main character who tries to redefine the status quo. He’s likeable. He’s not spineless and his cynicism’s will greatly add to the humor, I feel. When he ate the girls cookie, I was like ‘Good on you, at least you stick to your guns!’.

      And again you’re right, the main female lead (Yukino) is definitely Kuudere. I don’t necessarily have a problem with them, but, when they become kuudere to a point where they are annoying, it can become problematic. I can only hope that she’ll give a better impression next episode!

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