Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 2

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Oregairu Ep 2 Img 0032This week the club find themselves helping…err…. giving feedback to Swordmaster Zaimokuza Yoshiter who is still within the Eight-Grader Syndrome stage. Anyone who have watched Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! would immediately know what’s Eight-Grader Syndrome is. However this case of Eight-Grader Syndrome with  Sword master Zaimokuza Yoshiteru is significantly less dramatic. Interestingly enough Zaimokuza didn’t come to them in hopes to overcome the syndrome, but was hoping for some ‘gentle’ feedback from the club members since he doesn’t have any friends to turn to read his light novel that he wants to submit into a contest. However he was heavily criticized by Yukino and Hachiman called him out on copying another work. Yui on the other hand didn’t read it at all, and when she finally skimmed through it she almost fell asleep.

Oregairu Ep 2 Img 0006Hachiman continues to grow on me as I absolutely adore his character. There is nothing like an introduction of claiming that if he were to ever reincarnate he would want to be a bear, because going through hibernation would be awesome. He too had gone through the Eight-Grader Syndrom stage, the only thing he had kept from that time is his “Absolutely Unforgivable List”. I also liked that he at least tried to stand up and defend Yui when Yumiko, a popular girl whom Yui has an funny relationship was being a bitch to her. She definitely spells trouble. Yumiko is clearly using Yui and doesn’t even give the slightest damn about her. She however got really pissed off when Yui told her that she wants to have lunch with Yukino.What amazed me that everyone in the class, except for Yumiko’s circle cleared out of the classroom since they knew that shit was going to go down. It just tells you how nasty Yumiko and his circle can potentially be (actually I wanted to point out that one of the guys just snatches someone else’ PSP out of their hands). Yui had openly told Yumiko that she has been desperately trying to fit in groups, and even today we were able to see that. She had such a difficult time stepping into the circle because she was literally being shut out and ignored. It would be much better for Yui to leave Yumiko and stick with Yukino (who by the way, gloriously pwned Yumiko).

Oregairu Ep 2 Img 0019I think it’s clear now (if it weren’t for anyone last week) that this show is going to be very low-keyed and soft in a sense of nothing seems to be over-exerted type of show. It is unlikely that we will ever see any major theatrics besides of what we saw today, but we are definitely in for some drama. It’s funny because this is supposed to be a comedy and so far I haven’t had any laughter fit yet I still enjoy it. I think what makes this show so charming and prevents it from crossing the line of wounding up dull is it’s effective simplicity. This is probably going to be one of the shows where I don’t have too much to talk about, but I am sure there will be episodes where there will be drama and there will be a heck of a back story discuss. With that said, I am pretty darn sure that we are going to see something in the future relating to an accident since Hachiman had this brief flashback of a dog, a fallen bicycle and a car. It looks like someone or the dog had gotten into an accident at the curb he was standing at. Hopefully there were no fatalities.


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