Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Ep 3: “MAXIMUM MANLINESS!”


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3 Responses

  1. ramblinkat says:

    Yeah I have af eeling Cecil will be taking up the majority of this season, but I think I’ll be able to tollerate it aslong as it isn’t so blatent like with Tokiya, since it also pretty much shoved the ‘canon’ pair in your face. Not that season one was good at showing the romantic side of things I think this was a huge step up, particularly since in Syo’s ep in season one it was practically non existant, sure he got some good development, but it was also very comedic if i remember correctly. This one in comparison surprised in a good way, we got a good storyline going on with the same cute humour AND some fluffy moments between Syo and Nanami too! So I was quite happy, again if we’re gonna have a main couple hinted throughout (it could always go back to implying Tokiya, you never know) then if all the eps are set up like this where its character centric and no other interuptions except for plot info then i’m good ^^

    • Eva says:

      TTwTT I don’t think Tokiya will have much attention at all this season /sobs Imnotgonnalieidlovetoseetokiyahavesomeromancedevelopmentwithharuka/selfish shipping desires

  2. Linzz says:

    I’ll have to agree that Cecil will most definitely have the awesome character development ever. It just shows.

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