Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Ep 2: Cecil has joinned the Party


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Shining introduces a new member to the STARISH party named Aijima Cecil, Prince of Agnapolis. However things quickly go sour when Cecil reveals to be quite a a stuck up guy with no interest in becoming an idol after declaring his love to Haruka.


Utapri S2 Ep 2 Img 0011Well I certainly got what I both wished for last season and speculated last week right. Cecil has now joined STARISH’s party, only to really set things off. Right away, he boldly confessed to Haruka right in front of the boys (yes he actually said the taboo words: “I love you”) and he is by far leading the race when it comes to being efficiently forward with Haruka. Ren is obviously is second to that running since he is very forward with Haruka himself, but in more of a metaphorical way. With that said, Cecil has also officially drawn out the boys’ jealousy, causing them to be very protective of Haruka, which was something I really enjoyed seeing.

So what do I think of Cecil?  Do I like him or dislike him? I hate to say it, but right now he is really rubbing me the wrong way with his conceited additude. Don’t bite me, I know this is a major unpopular opinion (all my friends like him ;w; sorry girls… maybe he’ll grow on me later). Trust me when I say I am not the type to “swoon” over the cheesy goodies. It doesn’t make my heart melt (does that mean I have a cold heart?! D:).

Utapri S2 Ep 2 Img 0014I honestly had no idea, nor did I ever imagine that Cecil was going to be such a stuck up twit. Yes he is a “Prince” so it probably has something to do with that being the reason why he is so full of himself. His reasons for joining the Master Course after Shining had scouted him is such a joke. You’re here because you want to be with Haruka? Sorry buddy, romance is forbidden. And the boys aren’t the only one here who are questioning the reasons why Shining allowed him to join. Well Shining is a weird, unpredictable guy to begin with- so he probably has something in mind.

Cecil is a prince from a dessert, hates water and fish (dude you were cat weren’t you? I get water, but why wouldn’t you like fish? Shocker really…), and while he has a major advantage in athletic abilities he hasn’t fully grasped the Japanese Language yet (hence picked up the wrong cards during the exercise). I am sure his stuck up attitude isn’t going to go anywhere soon, nor do I imagine the rules will influence his advances towards Haruka- he probably will tone it down a bit, but I am confident he will continue to shower her with affection.

As for today’s exercise: I am fairly confident that the STARISH boys would have won regardless of the fact that Cecil has an athletic advantage. The trick would be to let him pick up all the wrong cards while getting the right ones. In the end, there was no score since Cecil bailed out after having fallen into water and seeing a fish.

Last but not least, CAMUS! We finally got to see him this week and my god I LOVE THIS GUY! Can we talk about how he is absolutely flawless?! He is so epic, and his entrance was extra fabulous (NO, NOT EVEN SHINING CAN TOP HIS PERFECTION- IT WAS GLORIOUS). It is a good thing that nobody else is in Cecil’s group because I think he would drive them insane. Camus we’re counting on you to put him in his place.

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Overall there wasn’t too much development this episode except for triggering the boy’s jealousy. However it was a major improvement in comparison to last week because it was far more entertaining. I really enjoyed it and had a good laugh from it. On the more serious note, I hope they show us the actual direction they plan to take us within the next two episodes because if they don’t, I am going to be concerned about the progress.

PS: TTwTT;; It looks like Haruka won’t be having her own senior…


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  1. lilgamergal says:

    i loved this episode :3 specially when starish were all jealous >///< and hallyulah he joined :D and now camus has popped up :3 im bummed out since haruka dosnt have a senior :/ i wanted to see what would happen :P i wonder what next episode is about~ (in july im eagerly waiting for an anime which ive been waiting forever for XD)

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