Suisei no Gargantia Episode 2: The Planet where it Began


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11 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    That last scene: the awkward realisation that if you’d pissed off the funny-looking man just a bit more, you’d have ended up vaporized like those pirates ^_^

    And I agree, Amy’s brother looks like Urobutcher’s perfect first victim. Or maybe Amy dies in a freak accident where her glider never opens after she jumps off a cliff – all because she never did the safety checks! Wow that’d be depressing…

    • Eva says:

      Lets not go there, I’d hate to see Amy be killed. Valvrave already killed off a character I liked TT^TT

    • Chris says:

      Yeah xD the kinda ‘holy crap’ face that makes you laugh every time! And if Amy died because her glider didn’t open, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from laughing at the irony…

  2. Eva says:

    DAT SOUNDTRACK. I absolutely love the main theme, as soon as the OST comes out, I guarantee you I will be listening to that particular track ALL DAY LONG.

    It looks like Ledo’s plan of using this “assistance” as a bargaining chip going to be a waste since it’s probably going to piss off the people since his vaporizing beam. They mentioned worrying about ‘vengeance’ so the Pirates (the Captain in particular that was mentioned) will probably make a counter-attack within the next two episodes- or so that’s what I imagine.

    As for the Hideauze’s tooth, yeah it is either a collectable that he holds on to (he already one to begin with), but it looks like he makes it into an instrument (you know those pipes that could be made out of wood/shells or even your hands) to pass time.

    What really got my attention this episode is the Galaxy Current. They get their energy from there in order to survive. The first thing that crossed my mind was, “Shit, what would happen if the Hideauze’s tooth fell in? Would there be a reaction and suddenly grow/develop? The Hideauze are bound to make a re-appearance at some point, so it’s either going to pop up within their world, or invade from the sky.

    • Chris says:

      DAT SOUNDTRACK! How could I forget to mention it! I love it too! I’ve been listening to the TV version on YouTube on repeat… yeah… OST, be mine!

      A counter-attack… that probably means deaths, although, with Ledo’s ability to wipe ships (and people) off the face of the Earth within seconds, I don’t think they should be too much of a problem… I hope…

      That Hideauze tooth… it can only spell trouble. The constant appearance of it must mean something! Just how will Gen kill them all? That is the question… Yes, Gen has made me paranoid… what can I say?

  3. Summer Young says:

    DAT ASSSSS I’ve got a stitch in my side.

    “I’d hate for this show to become a boring slice of life where in the end Ledo becomes a fisherman, marries Amy, they have 5 kids and they die together happily ever after”

    About that… there’s a probable Urobutcher spoiler going around so read at your own risk:

    The good news is that it doesn’t seem to have any solid grounds but knowing Urobuchi it just seems all the more true :'(

    • Chris says:

      If this is true I may go into a depressive coma for a couple years -.- … and you’re right, it does sounds very much like something the Urobutcher would think up… seriously though, if that’s true my heart (which has been torn apart by Gen many a time) may not be able to take it. I’m really liking the characters y’know?

      • Wanderer_YS says:

        I guess Gen always gets this mentioned at his works is how he gives us viewers hope before he slaps us with his plot of despair.

        Tomino Yoshiyuki killed off quite a number of casts too in the 80s (Ideon, Dunbine, etc.), but I guess not too many people today have heard of these animes (unless the person is into SRW)…

  4. Linzz says:


    Anyyyywaaayyyy… Ledo is also a really interesting character – I mean, REALLY INTERESTING, in caps – after knowing that he can EASILY OBLITERATE GARGANTIA WITH JUST A COMMAND but then he chose not to but still OBLITERATED THE PIRATE CREW without second thought… just… awesome. IDK. Awesome.

    And I won’t be even talking about killed characters. Valvrave is… fuck lol – but it was still awesome. AAANNNDDD I’d like to forget about the director while I enjoy this show and be shocked like a stone after getting into the killing parts… like what happened this episode.

    OMEGED. I can still recall my dream last night after watching this. Too awesome.

  5. Wanderer_YS says:

    No one is mentioning that the robot has dat invisible sphere on its head during flight? XDDDD

    What an interesting floating mechanism.

    It will be an interesting to cosplay with the triple halo.

    • Chris says:

      I guess I’ve become too accustomed to mecha anime… I can no longer see abnormalities when they appear… Although your right, I definitely want to see someone try to cosplay this mecha in flight mode xD they just have a giant ball suspended on their head by a stick.

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